Something about Tony

Hello everyone, my name is tony chi. I’m majoring in computer science and I am currently focus on networking. Hopefully this is my last semester in city tech so I can move on for my career. One thing I like about IT is that I don’t have to deal much about people, because I though it would be much easier to communicate with PCs than people(just my little point of view, and I don’t mean to offense anybody).


Fun thing about myself is that I like to bowl, play badminton, watch soccer, and play online game with couple friends. My favorite football club is Real Madrid, I couldn’t tell why I like so much about them, but I know I like that team. I’m also enjoy playing league of legend with my friends just so I don’t get stress out working day by day.

My career goal is to become a network expert. Right now I working on obtaining a CCNA to start off my career. and hopefully after I have some job experience, I’ll be plan on getting a CCNP certificate to become more professional in this field. I’m also working in our computer lab as intern with our technician Richard Rodney, besides that I’m currently working in a Japanese and Hawaiian restaurant in upper west Manhattan, close to Columbia university.

To be honest to you guys, I don’t like to either read or writing. I just find it boring to write about something. I write only when it’s mandatory and read to study for my quizzes and tests. But there is an exception,  I like to read about technology, sports, and military related news and magazine.

comparing to my strength as a writer, I would said I have more weaknesses. I realized that I don’t usually punctuate my essay well, I don’t have know much big word like others, I don’t write cohesively, and I barely knows how to organize my paragraphs the way it should be.

my understanding of technical writing is any contexts that is technology related, either technology in IT, medical, military, or biochemistry.etc. I do expect to learn something that is totally new to me, and hopefully it could be more interesting than ENG 1101.