A brief intro for Jason

Hey everyone, my name is Jason Choy.  I’ve been in City Tech since the Fall 2011 semester, and my major is CST just like many others in this class.  I focus primarily on programming, which is something I’ve been doing for about six years.

The highlight of my summer vacation would be my time spent in Washington D.C.  One of my main hobbies is writing for and moderating a website, GND-Tech.com, which revolves around hardware/technology and video games.  I’m a real tech geek, and I play video games as well; particularly RPGs and psychological horror.  I like a good workout and I’m a huge fan of MMA.

Since I don’t have any photos, you’re going to have to settle for this somewhat accurate portrayal someone made of me.


I’d like to think my strengths as a writer include my grammar and punctuation.  I also keep in mind the audience I’m writing for, and try to write in an appropriate way.  I like to be detailed and thorough.  One of my weaknesses is my vocabulary which isn’t as broad as I’d like it to be.  I dislike writing about things I’m not interested in.  But when I’m writing about something that I’m actually invested in, the results will be much better and I will enjoy the writing process.

My background with using technology includes building computers, which is something I started doing about five years ago.  I also have some experience with electrical and mechanical engineering, such as soldering/desoldering parts on PCBs and modifying the inner workings of airsoft guns.  I like to experiment with and modify things, to find out how they work and perhaps make improvements.

My initial thoughts about technical writing was that it involved writing things like manuals and instructions; writing detailed steps to help someone carry out a certain procedure or something along those lines.  I hope to become a better writer by taking this course, improving certain aspects of my writing such as accuracy and conciseness.