Professor Joshua Belknap | Co Req ML | Fall 2023

11/29/23: Writing in different modalities

Today we are going to discuss modalities. Write a letter describing your Unit 3 project, including the genre/mode that you are planning on. What is your final project going to be about? You might start out, “My project is going to be about….” And go on to articulate what evidence you have to back up your ideas, what parts still feel rough to you about your ideas.

Remember that the mode you choose will be that which you feel will most effectively communicate your ideas to the specific audience you want to reach. Reflect on the writing that you have done so far.

  • What personal investment do you have in this issue?
  • Why does your argument matter?
  • What counter-interpretations or arguments might work against your emerging claims?
  • What are you struggling with most as you approach the draft? Modality or genre? Finding sources? Be specific.
  • How does the mode you are working in aid (or complicate) your answers to these first questions?

After you are finished with your writing, you can discuss your writing and your Unit 3 project with a partner. Interview each other about your project, using the questions above as a starting point. What is your partner’s topic? Why does your partner care about that topic? How did they narrow down their topic to arrive at their research question? What sources will your partner use? What is the genre your partner decided upon for their Unit 3 project? Why that genre? Use the above questions as a starting point, and post your partner’s name, research topic and/or title of his or her project, and the answers to these questions by doing a rhetorical analysis here in the comment section.


  1. Fairlay

    My project will be about how the media and sports World are biased against Palestine. My genre will be a slideshow presentation and my mode will be persuasively. I am invested in this topic because i have Palestinian friends and also because I can’t stand the way the media is acting like Israel are the victims of this war. I watch a lot of sports and seeing how the sports world does not want the  athletes to voice their support for Palestine. My argument matters because censorship is a really big issue right now. I do not think there is counter-interpretation or arguments that might work against my claim when it comes to the media. On the other hand, when it could be a counter argument the politics could be kept out of sports but that does not make any sense because the sports world was and is still supporting Ukraine. I think the same should be done for Palestine. I’m not struggling with finding genre, mode or finding source. 

  2. Jguarango21

    What personal investment do you have in this issue?

    I have been working on this project for over two months now it all started with public speaking when I had the option to inform about this topic so I decided to start my investigation. I had prepared slides and notes to start off the speech. Later on, I was told that I could also work on the same project for my English class but at this time it was writing in a new genre so I decided to do a website about my topic.

    Why does your argument matter?

    It’s because I have done sufficient investigations about this and I must defend my thesis so I can establish credibility at the beginning. It can’t happen that I can be countered and I won’t be able to do anything.  

    What counter-interpretations or arguments might work against your emerging claims?

    Some people can say that I am facing against American gun law or in other words I could be against the Second Amendment, or I can be told that Mexico should be taking seriously the border cross. 

    What are you struggling with most as you approach the draft? Modality or genre? Finding sources? Be specific.

    Publishing the website or actually being able to present it. Due to the fact, I must pay a subscription for me to obtain the domain. Also, I can’t really pay the price for this but now I have to change the way I present it to the class.  

    How does the mode you are working in aid (or complicate) your answers to these first questions?

    Time and money on this project since I have other classes I must worry about other subjects. 

    Rhetorical/Genre Analysis Worksheet 

    Bibliographic information of the source:

    Brief summary of content: How cartels can smuggle guns across the U.S – Mexican border with no issue.

    Use these questions to help you organize the rhetorical analysis. It will also help you understand and explain (give an example) why you think it was successful or not.


    Your Response

    Who’s the author? What do we know about this person? This organization? How do we know that (figure it out from the language they use, from the creator of the website, from research/information from somewhere else)? What is their attitude toward the subject or the world in general? How do we figure that out?

        I am the author. Joann Guarango. I’m passionate about this topic and also stressed since I have been working on it since September. They would be informed.











    Who’s the audience? 

    Who is the primary audience? What other audience besides a primary one might there be? What makes you say that? What audiences do you think the author is ignoring?

    The audience would be people who live near the border, Americans, and students. I am ignoring kids the elderly or also people who are from a different continent.

    What’s the occasion? What is the context? 

    Why did the author create this text at this particular moment? Where was it  

    shown/published? What was going on at the time it was created that made its creation important?

    I created it because it has become worse during the time when crime has elevated in Mexico and the guilty are the USA.

    What’s the purpose? 

    What was the author trying to accomplish?

    To inform.

    What is the genre? Why choose it? 

    What made this genre the best one to address their audience? What are the conventions of this genre – the things everybody expects to find? How does this author change some of those conventions? Why did they change them? If it’s a visual genre (video, photo), how do the arrangement of elements, use of color, camera movement, music, connection to current culture, etc., work to create an impact?

       I am building a website but a the moment issues have arised and now it going to be a problem to present this

    What is the tone? How is it written? What does the author use to convince or inform us? 

    How can you tell the creator’s feelings by the words and phrases, or the visuals and audio, that were chosen? For example, what appeals (logos/facts, pathos/emotion, ethos/credibility of the author) did they choose? Was the language objective (fact based) or subjective (emotional)?

     It is written to inform like an informative speech.

  3. marylin

    My project will be regarding “How does social media usage affect us mentally?” Upon deciding on this topic this matter since it’s really relevant to today’s topic especially within the use of technology that we rely on in our daily lives. As individuals this is a topic not everyone would think about when using the media and major impact that can change your life (out the reality). This is might be a captivating topic towards the audience, for instances there can be a better method that would help catch the audience’s attention based on the type of genres, i’ve decided on choosing in a website form since this topic is more of related towards a technology/ media genre and eventually it’ll bring the audience’s attention surrounded by the media. Since few changes around my topic had changed I currently don’t have any struggles and am ready to continue the rest of the materials needed for this project. 

  4. Anja Rrasa

    Why do I care about this topic?

    • I care about this because I’ve seen how early childhood struggles affect the people I love, including myself. It’s not just research for me; it’s personal.

    Why is my research important?

    • This research matters because understanding how tough childhood experiences impact adults can make life better for those who went through hard times. I want to find ways to help improve mental health.

    What might people say against my ideas?

    • Some might argue that tough childhood experiences don’t stick with us for a long time or that people can easily recover. But I believe it’s more complex than that.

    How does the mode you are working in aid (or complicate) your answers to these first questions?

    • Making a TikTok video with my friend is good because it adds personal stories and different views. It makes it more interesting for people watching. But, it’s a bit tricky too because we have to fit everything in a short video and still make it easy to understand. We want it to be fun but also talk about something important. It’s like finding the right balance. 
  5. Fernando Fernandez

    My project is going to be about how video games affect child development. I want to write about this because my cousins play all day and don’t interact with the real world and that can have an effect on their future, but also can have positive effects for them in certain things. And it’s important to find more researchers because they are the future and we need clear classifications of this argument. In research there’s always positive and negative effects but I want to find a further negative effect and further positive effect, not just what we know. 

    Trying to do this I was struggling finding a genre, and now I’m struggling finding sources because they all state what we know and I want to find good sources that give us a better understanding of the question. It’s hard because I only see articles from researchers, even though they mention studies but I want to find the studies by myself, and in the sources I’m looking I only see articles from researchers and they are all basically the same thing they find. 

  6. Jimin Yoon

    ·       What personal investment do you have in this issue?

    I would want to know why is it bad, why is it addictive, and dangerous, and why it happens.

    ·       Why does your argument matter?

    Because I would want to help people who do not know this part of the topic.

    ·       What counter-interpretations or arguments might work against your emerging claims?

    Help people understand and give knowledge to them, so they realize how dangerous are some medicines, and could ruin someone’s life.

    ·       What are you struggling with most as you approach the draft? Modality or genre? Finding sources? Be specific.

    ·       Modality and genre I’m not sure how I’m going to approach the topic to the audience.

    ·       How does the mode you are working in aid (or complicate) your answers to these first questions?

    ·       How to approach the audience is the hardest part.

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