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Interview On Abortion Law

One of the genres for the Unit 3 assignment is interview. Here’s a very recent interview on an important and controversial topic. There is mature and possibly disturbing content relating to pregnancy from rape and incest. You are not obligated to listen if you cannot tolerate that. The interviewee is suggesting that laws against abortion constitute a kind of “Jane Crow” system. What is your opinion of her opinions, and the facts that she sites to support her position? There is a transcript of the interview if you scroll down. If you are using interview for your project, that could be a good model of format.


Ted Talk

What do you think about this Ted Talk? Did you learn anything new? What’s your response to the talk? To her suggestions for responding to what she sees as a problem? 16 minutes might be long for your projects, but stating the problem with some background (there wasn’t so much here) and offering solutions while trying to motivate people to action is a good way to bring an Op-ed to life, so to speak. Would this format work for your topic?

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