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You Describe An Incident

Post at least two paragraphs (minimum 6 sentences each., but as long as you like) describing an incident you witnessed or experienced using concrete detail. Try to describe it like a storyteller so the readers can picture it in their minds. Show us as much as possible, paint the picture so the reader can be there with you. Just do your best. It’s not a graded assignment, but it is good practice for the first graded essay.

Plato, The Cave, And Us

Is anyone familiar with Philosophy? It’s a greek word that means the love (philo) of wisdom (sophia). If we practice loving wisdom, perhaps what that means is improving our reasoning and judgment in order to make our communities and lives better. My background, by the way, is in teaching philosophy for children. We are all philosophers. It’s a natural part of the human condition to try to understand things, reason better, and make better choices. How do we do it? If we have those goals, doing philosophy (unlike reading Plato) can’t be avoided. Maybe Plato can help shed some light on that, though.

I think the second video link in the schedule area for this week, the Ted one, is better for understanding not just the allegory of the cave, but putting it in some context. Remember that Plato wrote in dialogs, and that Socrates (his teacher) used that method to teach his voluntary students. There was no formal school, just talking. Socrates taught Plato,  Plato taught a guy named Aristotle, and Aristotle taught a guy we call Alexander the Great. Impressive line-up there. Please read the Allegory of the Cave even if it’s slow going for you. Read it through once without stopping, then go back and annotate, ask questions, take your time figuring it out. Then read it one more time through. There’s no way to just zip through it and get much of the meaning that’s there. It’s not that type of material. Please think about and then try to answer these three questions in your posts.

  1. What do you think Plato is saying here about what we know, and what we think we know?
  2. Relate the Cave allegory to Malcom X, and his feeling of true freedom.
  3. Relate the allegory to some aspect of our present-day life.
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