My visual quote is “The Times They Are A-Changin”  this was a reference to the 1964 song by Bob Dylan. Where he talks about time moving forward and we have to change with it, we have to move with it or else will be left behind Which is a lesson that will always be relevant even if the technology is advancing and becoming one with our environment whether it’s in school or at a job technology is constantly moving at a rapid pace and it is up to us to change with it or be left behind in past times. A great example of this can be how we’ve managed to adapt to online learning as many of us do not want to take the risk of going on campus in case of possibly getting infected. I felt like this quote is a great example old showing how time stops for nobody and unless you move with the times and grow with them you’ll be left behind so it’s truly a personal decision that only you can make. I really find this quote to be something that will always be relevant because even though it was written over 20 years ago it still has relevancy in this year and with all the new changes happening in our daily lives all we can do is adapt to the new challenges and try to move forward. Bob Dylan is a very insightful and  incredible  songwriter who’s Talent  let his work be ahead of his time and even now a lot of the topics he was talking about in his work are still an issue in today’s time so maybe you can go to show how little we’ve actually grown as a country since his youth.