Brand commercial & Simulation video games

My brand is Jetpens, and online store that sells a wide range of writing supplies and stationary. Their products are very specialized for the person who is constantly writing, drawing, or anything involving the wide range of a pencil. A lot of their products come from Japan with very specific uniqueness to them. Their selection of products helps  to be open to all kinds of people, they range from cute products to more professional looks, all while be decently affordable.

Jetpens doesn’t normally do advertising commericals but they have some videos that show off a few of their products:

Simulation video games are a very diverse genre of video games. They’re built to help make a real experience(or fictional) as real as possible. These games range from life simulation such as The Sims where you control more than one lifeforms, management games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, sports games like all of the EA sport games, racing, ect. Usually these games are done in some kind of first person pov.

‘Day in the Park’- story and character

A young girl enters a park with her class, running to beat the other kids to the swings. She loves the swings not only just for the feeling of being high up in the air, but because it also gives her time to be alone and away from her more rowdy classmates. She’s constantly at the swings until she begins to get older and spends less time at the park. Finally, she goes back to the same park, rushing to the swing when a smaller child reaches for it first. The child is scared she’ll shoo them away but she let’s them go first, helping to push them on the swing.


Lee likes to keep to herself. She’s not much for playing around with other kids. She likes her space to herself, which is part of the reason she sticks with the swings. She finds it a place to think while also grounding her.


There’s not going to be many different settings besides the park itself. I expect to have one Extreme Wide shot and Close Up shot. Also a lot of Medium/Full shots.

‘Scary Meowing’ quick storyboard

For class we got to do quick storyboard’s of anything we wanted. So I went with myself having to run out of my room after hearing my cat meowing. Meowing more like a strangled cat, but turns out she was fine, and just wanted to sleep on the bed. I first did quick thumbs to help me know what shots and gestures I wanted before doing the clean version.

Scary Meowing_rough

Scary Meowing_clean