Week 6 Assignment-Project Management Systems

Project management systems help a team plan and organize all the parts of a project. These projects can take up to weeks to complete, so this software helps to estimate the time it will take, time spent on different takes, and even budget the cost for the project based on the time spent on it. This kind of software are especially used with teams or groups that have multiple people working together on the project. Everyone has the ability to see where others are at in the project, what tasks are completed or still in progress, and can also collaborate and share aspects of the project.

Some kinds of this software include Workstack, Basecamp, Freedcamp, and Miestercamp.

Designers can have an easy single place where everyone on their team has access to the project information, that is also easy and clear to sort through. They will not have to sort through emails and save time from having meetings to keep going over the progress of the project. And if they needed to show how far along to managers it’s all in one single place.