Week 12 Assignment – Guest Speaker James Levin

There was a lot of useful information all throughout Mr. Levin’s presentation. He talked about how leaving college to pursue a career is a change, that doesn’t have to be scary and that we all grow from. He discussed knowing your “career sequence” so you can easily tell people your story and who you are. He went over a little on resumes, what to have on cover letters, and networking.

A lot of graduates struggle with finding a job because the places they apply to do not match up. It’s important to narrow your search and research companies and job titles. Spending the time to research will have better impact and chances of getting the chance at the job. And I think this is really helpful to realize; there is always a lot of information and sometimes we just don’t know where to start looking, but researching can be a great energy saver.

I especially liked his talk about making the most of your internship. You may not be doing what you thought you would be, and it may not be exciting, but you’re still learning. I’ve learned a lot about how faculty at City tech work to help us students have the best opportunities, and it’s made me very interested in education. He also made a point about how we present ourselves even with little things. I try to always keep connect with my clients and my supervisor has acknowledge this, and how I try to step into my clients shoes to understand their needs. This shows what kind of person I am not only to my clients, but to my coworkers, and that kind of things lasts.

This ties into those transferable skills we’ve been going over a lot in class. It’s the core skills and can be used in many places that give them value, not the programs we now.

Internship Journal 3

The beginning of March has been a lot of juggling assignments. While I finished off the last keep project with AIR, I’ve met two new clients, one of which was another last minute project.

The first was a new client with FC(Faculty Commons) from the scholarship program, CREAR Futuros. My job with them is to create branding with their new existing logo which was created by someone who left FC some time ago. It’s the first time I’ll be doing something like this; working with material from a person I never met before sounds intimidating but it will give me a chance to put my spin into it.

From my meeting with my client I created a contract, helping to have an overview of what we discussed so that we’re on the same page. FC’s guidelines to contracts is that they include a timeline summary, and keep track of when it is updated. Something I will defiantly use for myself with future clients since it’s very effective and flexible.

Lastly I got to work with the African American Studies department, for a promo poster on a film screening of Shirley Chisholm. My client and I were both very excited from what it was about, and she encouraged me to use my skills as an illustrator for it. Because of time constraints my design was fairly simple, but it worked with the large amount of information. My client was very happy with the result and so was I, it’s something I’ll be adding to my portfolio and hopefully I will be able to do more similar work.





Internship Journal 1

(Repost from assignment)

I had already begun applying to some internships with help from the coordination site but with no responses back. Faculty Commons got posted about needing new interns and since I had once applied for the position and got as far as the interview I decided to apply again. I felt more confident this time since I had some experience working under someone and more material in my portfolio. I wanted to seem organized and self branded, so I made such to keep a similar design through my resume, cover letter, and portfolio.

When I got accepted for the interview I prepared myself for their questions. Since I already went through an interview with them before I tried to make sure I had good and through out answers for questions I fumbled before. Making sure I had clear examples of times I had trouble with projects or group partners and how I overcame those challenges were a main part of my preparation. I also had one of my professors go through my portfolio for feedback on the presentation and what I could add to it.

Sure enough, getting my things ready and set for the morning of the interview helped me not feel nervous and therefore at ease during it. Meeting with the supervisor Professor Julia Jordan again, she assured I was more confident in my abilities then the last time I saw her, and I was pleased she could also see it.

Brand commercial & Simulation video games

My brand is Jetpens, and online store that sells a wide range of writing supplies and stationary. Their products are very specialized for the person who is constantly writing, drawing, or anything involving the wide range of a pencil. A lot of their products come from Japan with very specific uniqueness to them. Their selection of products helps  to be open to all kinds of people, they range from cute products to more professional looks, all while be decently affordable.

Jetpens doesn’t normally do advertising commericals but they have some videos that show off a few of their products: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRFuInvM-6A

Simulation video games are a very diverse genre of video games. They’re built to help make a real experience(or fictional) as real as possible. These games range from life simulation such as The Sims where you control more than one lifeforms, management games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, sports games like all of the EA sport games, racing, ect. Usually these games are done in some kind of first person pov.

‘Day in the Park’- story and character

A young girl enters a park with her class, running to beat the other kids to the swings. She loves the swings not only just for the feeling of being high up in the air, but because it also gives her time to be alone and away from her more rowdy classmates. She’s constantly at the swings until she begins to get older and spends less time at the park. Finally, she goes back to the same park, rushing to the swing when a smaller child reaches for it first. The child is scared she’ll shoo them away but she let’s them go first, helping to push them on the swing.


Lee likes to keep to herself. She’s not much for playing around with other kids. She likes her space to herself, which is part of the reason she sticks with the swings. She finds it a place to think while also grounding her.


There’s not going to be many different settings besides the park itself. I expect to have one Extreme Wide shot and Close Up shot. Also a lot of Medium/Full shots.