Week 12 Assignment – Guest Speaker James Levin

There was a lot of useful information all throughout Mr. Levin’s presentation. He talked about how leaving college to pursue a career is a change, that doesn’t have to be scary and that we all grow from. He discussed knowing your “career sequence” so you can easily tell people your story and who you are. He went over a little on resumes, what to have on cover letters, and networking.

A lot of graduates struggle with finding a job because the places they apply to do not match up. It’s important to narrow your search and research companies and job titles. Spending the time to research will have better impact and chances of getting the chance at the job. And I think this is really helpful to realize; there is always a lot of information and sometimes we just don’t know where to start looking, but researching can be a great energy saver.

I especially liked his talk about making the most of your internship. You may not be doing what you thought you would be, and it may not be exciting, but you’re still learning. I’ve learned a lot about how faculty at City tech work to help us students have the best opportunities, and it’s made me very interested in education. He also made a point about how we present ourselves even with little things. I try to always keep connect with my clients and my supervisor has acknowledge this, and how I try to step into my clients shoes to understand their needs. This shows what kind of person I am not only to my clients, but to my coworkers, and that kind of things lasts.

This ties into those transferable skills we’ve been going over a lot in class. It’s the core skills and can be used in many places that give them value, not the programs we now.