Remember those sexual harassment commercials from the 90s

Getting thrown into makeup and reading from a teleprompter for the first time ever was quite a way to start the morning, let alone this being my first job as an intern. I learned they apply makeup in order to prevent the glare that is caused by the oils in our skin. Rose, the makeup artist explained this as matting. So off we go to the studio where the Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Response Course is being shot and there are a few other “talents” being shot one after the other. The studio is spacious and packed with lights so it has this mix of intimidation and intimacy depending on your state of mind. My supervisor Tinabeth hands me the script as I wait for the previous people to do the read. We’re all reading from the same script so you can imagine it being a situation where we finish each other’s sentences. Being that it’s for a course for personnel, sentences weren’t finished. I know because I helped edit it and what I mean by helped edit, I sat next to the editor, Sam and gave input on who says what, who to start/end with. It helped that I just so happened to be wearing a button up shirt because my supervisor did sort of this “aw shucks darnit” thing with her lip when one person who happened to have exceptional auditory presence was wearing a t-shirt. The control room is like the voice of Oz. They’re in another room watching the whole thing and well-controlling everything. Collaborating is a big part of studio life and sometimes you get to wear many hats in the course of a day.