Hey Intern, leave the coffee and come with me


It’s my first day as an intern at CUNYTV. It’s a television station for CUNY. They produce a array of segments and shows surrounding the culture of New York City. I believe the name says it all. My responsibilities are :

* Attend meetings

* Pitch story ideas

* Research

* Fact Check

* Source B-roll

* Interact with in house library team

* Production Assist on Shoots

* Production Assist on Edits

* Production Assist in the Studio, Control Room & Green Room

* Assist in online social distribution for assigned show.

I arrived on time as you should the first day. I got acquainted with the other intern. For the first 2 hours, I sat through meetings. The format was a pitch bin. As a fly on the wall , I observed people presenting ideas some even on the spot or as it may have seemed. Some were even massacred on the spot even after many attempts of resuscitations. These are hardworking people…..Well, of course they are. They’re running a television station for crying out loud. I was given a segment to produce which may seem like a tough order on your first day but because I was given the opportunity to do my own thing, I looked forward to do creating it rather than dreading it. One thing about being an intern here is that you’ll never be bored/or short of work. As soon as the meeting ended, i further acquainted myself with the staff and as I’m shaking hand, I’m being pitched projects and before you know it, I have to jet off to class and now I have 4 different projects rolling in my head. It’s quite a rush. You also have to know where to draw your line and I’m not saying just come right out say no, I’m too busy. When an idea is being pitched, you’re given the opportunity to think it through and reconvene with that colleague. This place respects the email system and at the same token are very personable. I lucked out with this crew.