homework #1


http://wellcomeimages.org/indexplus/email/292864.htmlA verger's dream: Saints Cosmas and Damian performing a miraculous cure by transplantation of a leg. Oil painting attributed to the Master of Los Balbases, ca. 1495.
This painting captured my attention. The painting is called a vergers dream: Saint Cosmas and Damian performing a miraculous cure by transplantation of leg.This is an oil painting. The painter had used a variety of colors to make this painting vibrant. The green drapery looks elegant in the background. Since this is all a dream, the verger is sleeping peacefully. He is draped with white and red sheets. The two saints dressed in colorful robes stand on the side of the bed. There are golden circles at the back of their heads. One saint has a limb in his hand while the other saint is holding a circular yellow box, as if the tools needed for the transplant. There is an angel behind the saints who is praying. There are two more angels in the room, they are kneeling on the other side of the bed. All the angels have colorful wings. One angel is holding a candle in his hand and the other angel has the Verger’s limb that is being replaced from the knee. Presence of candle in the angel’s hand suggests that it is night time and also the title of the painting says that it is a dream. Since this a miracle, we do not see any blood in the scene. The saint who is performing the miracle is attaching a dark colored limb to the vergers body, probably from someone who is already dead. verger’s leg must be diseased.

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