Hw # 4

  • Robert Capa’s “ Death of a loyalist solder” in my opinion is staged because I believe that there would be blood. I feel like when someone is shot there is blood that shoots out of the wound but it doesn’t look like that’s happening. On the other hand when you think about it I’m not too sure because it’s such a beautiful image staged or not. Capa was able to show the families something similar to how their loved ones died. I also find Robert Whelan’s argument convincing but I feel like to determine if the photo is staged or not you have to think about what your personal definition of staged is. I really think that Capa’s photo is similar to the photo of the guy getting ready to be shot because he was Japanese. I think both of those images are super powerful and they give a great insight to the terrors of war, because civilians who didn’t go to war didn’t know what soldiers had to see and go through. Due to photographers like Capa people finally got to see why war messed up so many of our young men. I really wish that we had more images like this for the two wars that we don’t need to be in because I find war photos so beautiful and I find that it takes a great photographer to actually take amazing war photos.

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