Homework #4

After reading “Richard Whelan’s discussion of Capa’s photograph” I definitely find his arguments convincing. His use of evidence and engagement was convincing as well. Carefully analyzing his photograph, I don’t think his photo was staged. The man’s body position looks realistic as his back arch with the impact of the shot into his body. In addition, the motion of the man’s arm/hand is revealed by how he is letting go of his gun. I definitely believe that its authenticity matters because the image is so real. It looks real! Therefore, it wouldn’t be questioned by many. This image reminds me of the image that showed a soldier left in between rocks. Both of the images portrait exactly what war is really about. However, the image of that soldier was staged to catch a crowds attention. It was a dead body that had absolutely no motion. On the other hand, Capa’s photograph shows the motion as it took place. He clearly captured the image at the right time. The image was able to show each move as the body collapsed and unfortunately dies. The gun falling and making an impact, all helps the audience prove that the image was not staged.

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