The Impacts of Social Media in the Hospitality Industry

Maria Claris S. Pineda

ARTH1100 LC04

Professor Sandra Cheng

February 3, 2018


Social Media plays a very big role in the hospitality industry in this generation. Nowadays, people post things they do in their daily lives online; whether they’re just eating or even watching television. Personally, I am not fond of cameras and rarely take photos of myself; rather, I posts photos of days that were eventful to me. Days where I had a great day with my friends, or I had a certain food or drink that absolutely matched well with my tastebuds, and it could be both. I believe there are lots of benefits that the trend social media has on the hospitality industry. Nowadays, when people look for a certain place to eat, or simply have a nice time in, their second option after not liking or can not trust what they find on the internet, they go straight to social media to see where people go and what they thought about the place. Social media now serves as a self-promoting site, as well as a place to review about them; whether or not the place is “Legit”. As technology further advances, the trends that social media brings will continue to affect the hospitality industry, and it is up to us as part of the hospitality industry to make use of this tool to benefit our future careers and endeavors.

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