Zoning Presentation Outline

There are two goals of this presentation

  • To demonstrate your knowledge of zoning and how to specifically apply this knowledge to your site
  • To demonstrate how your proposed building can be built within your sites zoning restrictions including but not limited to zoning district (C6-4, etc.) FAR, sky exposure plane and setbacks.
  • If your building does not conform to the existing zoning, your team must apply for a variance and must use zoning rules and text to make your argument for approval.
  • Remember that you must back up all of your conclusions by showing the relevant portion of the zoning text.
  • Credit yourselves by showing initials for each slide you contributed to.  You may show the work of any of the team members as a part of this presentation.

Include the following: it’s a good idea to follow the logic of how you produced your zoning solution and sheets.  Each team MUST follow this outline in this order.

  1. Team cover slide with photos and presentation title
  2. Where is the site? Show environs, site plans, identify your zoning district (show map)
  3. Site plan with dimensions – drawn based on your digital tax map.  Show street names and identify each as narrow or wide.
  4. Show your Calculations.
    1. Site x FAR = maximum allowable buildable sq ft.
    2. Subtract any existing building area to remain
    3. Show total remaining buildable.
    4. Also show the area of your proposed building and tell us if you are over or under.  If you are under the allowable how much more is left and how would your team propose to use this extra area?
  5. Setbacks and Sky Exposure Plane
    1. Working from the street type (wide/narrow) show your solution for both setbacks and sky exposure plane.  You can show these separately or together.
    2. Show how your building fits within the zoning envelopes.
    3. You should be doing this in drawings – isometrics, elevations with dimensions for site, setbacks, heights, slope of sky exposure.
    4. Show your zoning text backup for each conclusion as part of this section of the presentation.
  6. Conclusion:
    1. Can you build “as of right” or will you require a variance?  If you require a variance (change in zoning) this is where you make your proposal.
  7. Building Analysis- egress:
    1. Showing a floor plan- evaluate how well the building conforms to egress requirements.
    2. You do not need to repeat a detailed building analysis that was already included in the previous presentation.

Remember you have only 10 minutes so be clear and direct.

This is a group presentation and a group grade.  Each of you should contribute – both by producing information for the presentation and by being part of the oral presentation.

Less is more – keep it clear – do not repeat things within the presentation and do not repeat things from your previous presentations.

Upload to blackboard by midnight before your day of presentation.  Only 1 team member needs to upload the presentation – but be sure that all of your names are in the file name.  This is the file that will be used for presentation – you will not be able to swap out a file at presentation.

As an individual you will all be posting your zoning sheets to blackboard by midnight Sunday March 5th.


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