Next Assignment CheckList

The details provided here are based on the description provided in the course syllabus.  Review day 5 & 6.:

  1. Zoning Sheet Z-1 (updated)
    1. Site Plan, Environs Map, Zoning Map.
    2. The site plan should now include the entire block.  Label street names and identify which are narrow and wide.  Add site dimensions to the plan.
    3. For the zoning map you may need two – one of the entire 12d map and a closer cropped view showing your site and the zoning district clearly.
  2. Zoning Sheet Z-2 (new)
    1. Zoning Envelope for your site.  Build two separate zoning envelopes – one showing the zoning with setbacks and a second showing the sky exposure plane.
    2. For each include a plan, (2) elevations and at least 2 isometrics.
    3. Show calculations – include building address, block and lot #, zoning district, FAR, OSR, Setbacks and  Sky Exposure Plane.  For your calculations show the maximum allowable and if there are existing buildings you will keep subtract these to show the remaining area.  Please show all work by labeling each of the numbers.
    4. Show the isometrics of your proposed building – the ones you already completed and put these on a second sheet – title the sheet Z-2b.
  3. Zoning Sheet Z-3 (new
    1. This is your zoning text backup information.  For everything you show in your zoning drawings – this is the proof that you are correct.  For example show where in the code it told you what your FAR value is.  You need to backup all your conclusions.

You may work as a team, you may share research and conclusions but you may not share drawings, etc.  Also keep in mind that I have divided this into three sheets Z1 maps and siteplan, Z2 zoning envelope and Z3 zoning text.  If you need additional sheets to complete the work in any category number your sheets Z1a, Z1b, Z2a, Z2b, Z3a, Z3b, etc.

Work is to be plotted to a PDF.  The PDF and the autocad files must be uploaded to blackboard (and only blackboard) by midnight before the next class.


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