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Concept Mapping Reflection

Please reply to this post to share your reflection on content mapping.


  1. Salimatou Doumbouya

    Concept mapping helps readers visualize information. It is a tool that summarizes a reading by putting movement into it. The design of a concept map is proper to the person that is making it. It is a very personalizes instrument because everyone has a different way of learning, of seeing and understanding information. I think that it is a very good way to organize information. It’s like turning the way that you understand things from your head to a physical form and it actually gives more space in your head to try to understand new concepts.

  2. Alejandra Torres

    I realized that concept maps are visual representations of information and its really useful for everyone. They can take the form of charts, graphic organizers, tables, Venn Diagrams etc They are especially useful for students like us who learn better visually, although they can benefit any type of learner. In other words, knowing the big picture makes details more significant and easier to remember and explain.

    • Salimatou Doumbouya

      You made a good point in your last sentence « knowing the big picture makes the details more significant ». I agree. It helps to see everything more clearly

  3. Erickson Diaz

    There is great importance in concept mapping. As a visual learner, the information is easier to absorb and it presents it in a way that is more understandable. Clear connections are made with small details like arrows and even the size of boxes/circles. When there’s a lot of text involved, you don’t really want to have all that text written because you won’t remember much in such a short period of time; also, it is very straining to the eye. The map gives the options to group, separate, identify, and highlight information.

    • Arbi hasa

      I agree with the above statement concept mapping is helpful in the organization of the information, especially when there is a lot of yet and information people can get lost and confused.

      • Kevin Rivera

        I agree with you. To be able to use connections help us remember and process information that are important to understand concepts.

      • Jason

        Yes, Erickson, I agree, sometimes it’s hard to remember the text in a short amount of time, but if it starts to be repeated then you could have a better understanding and highlight the information to see the bigger picture.

      • Jason

        Yes, Erickson, I agree, sometimes it’s hard to remember the text in a short amount of time, but if it starts to be repeated then you could have a better understanding and highlight the information to see the bigger picture.

  4. Arbi hasa

    While reading a lot of material can be mindblowing i believe that in certain presentation such as these one that we as students are performing in this class we need maps or diagrams that help to arrange the material. As i mentioned before in the class i believe that during the process of presenting the specific reading maps and diagrams will help concept the idea of how these elements and components are linked together .We can also say that concept maps are going to be like the envelope and the stamp they are linked together to serve a purpose i truly believe that i as a person that is watching the presenter including diagrams would make me more interested and less confused . Pattern diagrams where there is a lot of reading and these diagrams repeat would be even better .

    • axhib

      I agree with this statement because I also feel that using concept maps instead of lots of text will allow the reader to more fully understand the reading and information provided.

  5. axhib

    I believe concept mapping is a great way to efficiently understand and summarize a lot of information and text. I think it is a great alternative to actually writing multiple paragraphs because for one, it is easier and quicker, and also I feel like I am able to retain information much better after using this method. Also, in general, I think it is more straightforward and simpler to look at and understand a concept map as opposed to many pages of text.

  6. Lydia Richardson

    I feel that concept mapping allows you to broaden your thinking of the material. It takes it from a level of listing information, to forming a connection to what you are reading. I have tried to do some concept mapping in my notes but it has been more of a mapping of details of information rather than an encompassing map of majority of the information in a section. I think it will help interweave similarities and differences in information. Also for presentations I think it will help to give more interest and open it more to discussion.

    • Erickson Diaz

      Definitely agree. Presentation would be incredibly boring if they were just full of text as it would essentially make it feel the same as the dense reading.

    • Michelle guzman

      I fully agree with you. Concept maps do allow us to broaden our thinking as it makes us pull out all the key points and important terms of a reading so that we can have a better understanding of the material. As well be a from of interest to the person as it is visually more appealing.

    • Farouk

      I totally agree concept mapping can really help us declutter our notes, and really focus on the more important aspects. I agree our discussions will also improve because of this.

  7. Farouk

    I think that concept mapping is critically important. Especially in architecture. Architecture and building tech can be so dense with new information. And this information can be divided into sublayer upon sublayer and so on. This can get really overwhelming and confusing at times. But by using concept mapping we don’t necessarily decrease the amount of information we get, but instead direct it. This makes it both clearer and easier to use. By using concept mapping we become more organized. Undoubtedly making it easier for us not only to retain the valuable information needed, but to also come back to it in the future. I believe that concept mapping will immensely improve how we present, take notes, and even learn.

    • Lydia Richardson

      I agree. It can become overwhelming and there are times that you feel your mind becomes flooded and you begin to loose the point. So in turn the concept mapping can prove as a useful tool in our note taking process.

    • Yuliang Xiao (Krystal)

      I agree with your idea. Too much information will make it difficult for us to know exactly what it wants to express/focus, but concept mapping can clearly tell us important information.

  8. Michelle guzman

    My thoughts and opinion on the concept maps are that they are a great technique to use for people who are more of a visual learner. They can also be helpful for any type of learner. These maps help us represent information in a way that is clear and straightforward. With there being a very minimal of text being used, concept maps are just to state the main key points and what really is important for the person to know. The person will have a better understanding of the topic rather then trying to pull out all the important terms of a long and wordy text. The concept maps is also visually appealing to the reader.

    • Armanda Kalavaci

      I think the same way. We have to be efficient and productive in the same time and the best way to do that is by using the greatest techniques in order to archive the best results. So mostly if we want to be clear with ourselves we should use the best techniques and concept mapping is one of them.

  9. Armanda Kalavaci

    I think concept map is a very useful tool for students(us) to learn and to think more deep and critically .It helps us memorize, because it is expressed visually, more than with a variety number of words that we easily can get lost. Diagrams that suggest relationships between different concepts are very helpful because with a single word we wrote down, we can found a variety of our own definition and expand our vocabulary . In this way we are more sure what we are talking and learning because we used our own terminology rather than borrowing from someone else an it makes us more confident and ready to learn others that don’t understand a definition. Sometimes the better way to absorb an information is when you are able to teach it and through concept mapping you can do this in the most proper way.

    • J A Montgomery


      I love your use of the words deep and critical! Thinking deeply and critically is such an important skill, and very marketable in our world today.

      Prof. Montgomery

    • Yuliang Xiao (Krystal)

      I agree. The content of concept mapping should be to summarize the important information of the material by ourselves and complete it in our concise language instead of using the original content of the material.

  10. Nuriddin Nazirov

    Content mapping is visual presenting of the information, topic or chapter in the book. Usually it can form as charts, diagrams or graphically organized. It has powerful learning strategies because it will give us to see the big picture of the topic and brake the information to pieces to understand important, highlighted information to sink easier to the brain.

    • Chris

      I totally agree this presentation of view everything makes it easier to read and comprehend. I also realized for myself at least if things are easier to read from charts, diagram, and graphically organizing information is better from just reading it from a text. You visualize what connects to what and is easier to understand what you’re learning. It might even have you question how are things related to each other and then have an answer!

  11. Chris

    The Concept Mapping is a great and important. It has a better way in assistance people in learning more into actual Architecture. It can show information and help people to retain it and memorize it a lot easier because when you’re able to learn something it is good, but remembering what you learned when needed knowledge is always available. Concept Mapping is more organized with holding all your thoughts and fact on the subject your covering. It has a greater way at view what you’ve learned besides reading a text book. This is an improvising way in learning for architecture which is great for being taught the vocabulary and details you need to know.

    • Nuriddin Nazirov

      I agree when you said learning is one thing and remember what you learned and use it when you need them is most important. I think concept mapping will help us to improve on that important aspect. It is really helpful tool especially for us, for future “ARCHITECTS”

  12. Kevin Rivera

    I think concept mapping is a good tool to summarize and associate important information that helps to retain main concepts. This because of the way that concept mapping divides information into branches of ideas that relate to each other, these ideas lead to a central idea that creates the concept map. Also, it is very useful to have concept mapping in summaries because it allows to develop other ideas and understand information, which is essential when reading.

  13. Erick valverde

    Concept mappings allows you to create connections with the material you’re learning. It’s a great way to see how your work connects with one another. Concept maps are easy to understand and are very versatile. It’s a helpful way to understand the topic at hand without making your work clustered with a lot of information. Concept maps are also used to group things together and helps identify important information. Concept maps are easily presentable and easy to follow because of the arrows and configurations that you could add to the concept map.

  14. Carlosrm01

    Well, concept mapping for me it’s the best way to understand any kind of topic. For the reasons that it is easy to get the main idea that you want to learn. For my notes I made a lot concept mapping for the reason that when i start review it’s more easy to understand what my notes was about. For today presentation I forgot to use concept map and i think if I at least made one concept map it will be more easy to all my classmates understand the concept that i was presenting. I just for the next presentation use more concept map and less paragraph so we all can catch the main points.

  15. Yuliang Xiao (Krystal)

    I think concept mapping will allow you to have a clearer understanding of the content of the material. It is not a long article, but a concise way to describe the whole content. Long articles sometimes make people feel unable to focus their attention, or it is difficult to understand the key points, and the information they know will go astray. However, through concept mapping, we can clearly know the important content, which is easy to understand. The most convenient part of Concept mapping is that it combines a lot of related information, or compares similar and different contents, so as to clearly understand the contents in the information, including their similarities and differences, and can be clearly explained in one page.

    • Carlosrm01

      I’m agree with you krystal, for people it’s most difficult to understand long articles that why concept map help better to understand.

  16. Jason

    I support conecpt mapping ! i believe it plays a huge roll when you trying to give the reader a better understanding on the material. it’s like connecting all the dots to see the whole picture, what fits together, what does not work with another, and most importantly connections. As a visual learner its an easy tool to understand what the writer wants me to know and get out of the reading. A large amount of information could be very difficult because sometimes you don’t know what’s more important within the section and sometimes its repetitive information that connects into one of the categories. With concept mapping your able to group different part of the reading into one group because it could get confusing with a lot of informattion. Therefore concept mapping is useful when one faces this obstacle.

  17. Kevin Rivera

    I think concept mapping is a good tool to summarize and associate important information that sometimes too broad or complex to understand. So, using concept maps allows us to reduce and divide information into less complex ideas that are easier to understand. This because of the way that concept mapping divides information as branches of ideas that relate to each other, these ideas lead to a central idea that builds the central concept of a reading. That is why it is useful to have concept maps in summaries because it allow us to understand information when reading and develop other ideas by making connections with divided and less amounts of information.

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