Class Info

  • Date: October 6
  • Time: 8:30am-12:40pm
  • Meeting Info: Class will meet on Zoom. See this post for more details


To-Do Before Class

  • Submit Materials + Properties notes/sketches to Dropbox


  • Materials and their Properties
  • Architectural Drawing


  • Review and Discuss the Most Prominent Materials and their Properties
  • Review progress on Floor Plan and Building Section, and Elevation


  • Presentation #4: Materials + Properties
    • Discussion
  • Improving Reading and Note Taking
  • Break
  • Review progress on Floor Plans+ Building Sections+ Elevations: Breakout Rooms per Presentation Groups
  • Architectural Drawing: Final Pointers for Module 1 Submission
  • Module I: Case Study Floor Plans and Sections and Elevations Submission
  • Module I: Finalize + Submit Case Study Drawings
    • Submit scanned + formatted drawings
    • Due Monday Oct 12, 6pm to dropbox here

To-Do After Class

  • Read Ching BCI on Masonry Exterior Walls 5.02-5.03, 5.14-5.27, 5.33-5.34
    • Submit scanned + formatted Reading Notes+ Sketches
    • Due Monday Oct 12, 6pm to dropbox here

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