Professor Gernert | OL40 | Spring 2021

Class Introductions


Please introduce yourself to me and your classmates. You can do this by adding a comment to this post. You could include your academic interests, why you chose your major, what you enjoy reading, listening to, watching, and doing in your spare time, or anything else you want to share (include your pronouns, if you wish).

Before our first class, please add your introduction and read any comments to your introduction. Please also read your classmates introductions. 

Get to know your classmates! Reply to one of your classmates’ comments. Do you have something in common? Did you learn something? Be kind.


  1. Erick Guaman

    My name is Erick Guaman this is my second semester in NYCT what made me chose my major was my childhood growing up playing with legos building stuff and coming from a family involved in construction around me. It was nice seeing buildings develop and the work put into them. I enjoy the movies, basketball, and in my free time I have a small business reselling sneakers and vintage stuff.

  2. Cindy Cuanetl R

    Hi my name is Cindy. I am in the B tech program and debating on whether I should apply fro the B arch program. I chose to pursue a career with architecture because of an art history class I took in high school. Learning about art pieces and structures sparked my interest in architecture. In my free time I like to do nothing and relax. I started painting about a year ago but I don’t do it consistently.

  3. Gustavo Madrigal

    Hello, My name Is Gustavo Madrigal. I am currently in the Associate’s program but looking forward to applying for the B Tech or B Arch program. The reason I chose to pursue a career in architecture is that when I was in high school I was introduced to a software program where we made a bridge and tested if the bridge could hold. I was intrigued and decided to try other software such as AutoCAD which really hooked me onto how a building is designed. When I’m not doing school work I like to stay home and just chill with my dog.

  4. Geo

    Hello, My name is Geovani Gonzales I am currently in BTech program. I chose to pursue a career in architecture since I was a kid. My father is a contractor and I’ve been around the work areas and seen lots of blueprints and it grabbed my attention. So This grew my interest in architecture. What I like to do in my spare time is either chill at home or I would go out to a soccer field and play there. Soccer is my favorite sport. I’m not a fan of the software Rhino.

  5. kawalljagmohan

    Hello, my name is Kawall Jagmohan. I am currently in the B Teach Program for Architectural Technology and am hoping to get into the B Arch Program. I chose Architecture due to hearing the designing aspect of it from middle school and being interested in the work that I did related to it in high school. I learned about the drafting and model making process and computer-aided software such as AutoCAD and Revit in high school. I generally relax during my spare time, sitting down to watch videos or shows.

  6. Yaneyris Santiago

    Hi.. my name is Yaneyris Santiago but you guys can call me Yani. I am in the B tech program, this is my second semester and I am thinking of going for the B.arch Before choosing my major, I was caught between medicine but my art teacher had encouraging me to pursue architecture. I enjoy reading comics, and watching foreign films, and fantasy shows. In my free time, I like hearing music and practicing or develop my art skills.

  7. Valeria Cortez

    Hello, My name is Valeria Cortez I am currently in BTech program. I chose to pursue this career since I was a kid, because while I used to live with my uncle who was studying architecture at the time, so I first got interested by seeing him build models and drawing plans for school and then after he graduated I even got more interested by seeing his work. During my free time i like to read or sleep, just relax in general.

  8. Juan Quezada

    The names Juan Quezada I’m in the B Tech program looking to go into B Arch. I’m following a career In architecture due to wanting to show of my creativity and future projects and business pursuits that I want to do. I enjoy reading mostly from the horror and mystery genre. I also like watching good and bad movies / tv shows, I just feel like you can learn so much from well or poorly rated cinema. Chilling and talking to friends via discord is how I pass time when I have any. I also don’t mind rhino the way their updating it can potentially level auto. Yeah that’s pretty much it.

  9. Yaneyris Santiago

    Hi… my name is Yaneyris, but you guys can call me Yani. I am currently in my second semester in the B tech program but I want to go for the b. arch. Before choosing my major, I was caught between architecture or medicine but my art teacher had encourage me to pursue architecture. I enjoy reading comics, watching fantasy shows. In my free time, I like to hear music and practice developing my art skills.

  10. Jonathan philip

    Hi am Jonathan, am 19 I’m currently in my third semester. My interest in Architecture came from me always being around construction with my dad, he’s a laboratory technician so he will be the person to test the strength of the concrete an so on. I also found my interest from doing technical drawing for 3 years in High School which gave me some basic drawing skills in this class I hope to improve my drawing skills. In my free time I usually play video games an talk to friends

  11. JD E

    Hi, my name is JD Estevez, this is my second semester. I used to major in Industrial Design back in 2018/2019 but took a year off from school in Fall 2019/Spring 2020 because I was applying to other schools for interior design because I’ve been interested in it since I was young but sadly I did not get accepted. So I can back to City Tech to major in Architecture Tech and so far I am enjoying it and learning a lot.

  12. khadija akther

    Hello, my name is khadija Akther, I’m on my second semester on BTECH major. I have never took ARCH classes in my high school and when I first started my major I was scared how it will be and did I choose the right major for me. According last semester I feel like Ive choose the right major for me because even though it was difficult Ive learned a lot throughout the semester. I’m planing to apply for BARCH program. what is one thing I love doing is drawing because I have been drawing since middle school and once I went to high school I’ve tried art competitions and I’ve won three times for Brooklyn museum art competition.

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