Each group will be assigned two readings (see below) to present to the rest of the class during the semester. Presentations should be approximately 20-30 minutes, with all group members contributing by presenting at least one section of the reading. Groups are free to choose how they present (PowerPoint, Google Slides, multi-page PDF, etc.), but each should be formatted consistently so that presentations read as one cohesive document, rather than a set of disparate slides.

For more information about how these presentations will be graded, refer to the Group Presentations Rubric on the ARCH 1231 Course Hub.

Group 1 (Readings #3 + #7)

  • Sulthan, Angel, Bobbi, Quiller

Group 2 (Readings #4 + #8)

  • Alina, Kevin, Rasha, Jaime

Group 3 (Readings #5 + #9)

  • David, Elia, Jasmine, Masani, Nafisa

Group 4 (Readings #6 + #10)

  • Kenneth, Fatima, Alejandro, Joselin