I learned many important information as a reader, writer and researcher in this semester. But, the most important is “how to approach with the audience”. Before I took this class, I never thought about how authors approached with audience. People around me (my family) love reading books and new, and I always wondered why I am not interested in some of those things. After writing Project #2 and Project #3 I learned that every person has different interest and needs. So, I learned how to approach with people and make them interested in my story or text. After this semester I learned that everything that I write in my text has to get readers attention. After this semester my writing skills are very improved. I improved my essay writing skills. Over time genres changed and we learned many different things. My writing, reading and thinking changed as the genres changed. First, I learned that Audience is very important for author to write text, second, I learned how to write proper essay and others. I always believed that my writing was not good. But in this semester, I learned many things that would improve my writing. In reading, I always thought that I was good reader, but I never thought about how and what author would think while writing the book that I read. I never thought how it feels to be an author and what do I need to know, to be a good writer. After revising assignments, I felt really good that I have changed a lot and learned a lot since I wrote them.

There were some feedbacks that stands out to me: first was project #1. I wrote essay about my real story, how I moved in the united states and how hard and emotional it was. I was inspired by Jose Oliverez “Maybe I Could Save Myself By Writing”. In the story he explains how books and writing saved him. I was inspired by his story because he had the same situation as I did, and his story was very interesting. Even his story’s headline was very interesting and approachable for audience. In the essay I explained how hard was changing living environment, how hard it was to get used to new environment, with new people and with new language. I explained that speaking the language that I have never spoken (I knew little bit of English, but I never used to speak with other people) in my life, how high school program was very hard for me and how reading books and educating myself saved me, but I never mentioned that other people have or had same issues. Millions of people who change their living environment have the same problem. My story was okay and interesting, but at that time I did not know how to approach with audience, and I was not able to make it interesting to other people. In this semester I learned how to approach with audience. So, in future when I will write essays, I will choose right headlines and genres which will make readers interested with my story. Another story which inspired me was “Allegory of the Cave”. In my life I always hated trying something new. This year I took psychology as my one of the classes, because I needed the credit to get financial aid. I really did not want to take that class and it sounded very boring for me. But after doing some assignments of it and reading some lectures, I changed my mind. Now, I think that Psychology is very interesting, and I am glad I took it. So, this text really helped me to understand that I have to improve and not just stay at the same place.

There were some challenging moments in this course. One of them was “space of reflection”. I was really confused with the name of it and what it meant. In the beginning I thought it meant physics reflection and I got very confused. But, after I talked to the professor, I understood the real definition of it, and everything made sense. I got really excited, because I was trying to understand what it was for days, and I finally got it.

In this class I learned many new things that changed my life. I learned what is my space reflection. I am an Architectural technology student and source of reflection is very important for every architect. Space of reflection is space where you can relax, get comfortable and focus on something without being distracted. I think it was very important for me to know that, because architecture is very hard profession and I will need that space where I can reflect. Another important lesson that learned was that how to write a good essay. In Project #2: Reflective Annotated Bibliography I learned how to write modern essay and who to show readers you researches. I learned how to write annotated bibliography. I also learned many details and life lessons.

In first year, learning of architecture and English were very connected and interesting. A lot of things that I learned in this course were connected with architecture and helped me understand it better. This course provided me with all the information that I need to progress and I am very glad that it is required to take this class, because it really helped my English skills to improve and not only that, I also learned important stuff about architecture and I learned life lessons.