Bob Borson. “Life of an Architect: Do you have what it takes to be an architect” Bob Borson, October 2, 2013.

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After reading “do you have what it takes to be an architect”, I came to the conclusion that writer explains what, do you need to become an architect. In the beginning he tells us about how students are asking him if they should become an architect or no. Author explains to them that before they decide to become an architect, they need to know that, to become successful architect they “have to be smart”, they “have to work hard and demonstrate dedication to the craft” and they “have to be social and likable person”. He explains that this is what every architect needs to be successful. In the end of the story he also explains that if you don’t have these skills it will be very hard to became, a good architect, but it is possible.

My reflection on this source is that I agree with the author. I agree that every architect should be “smart”, “that they have to work hard and demonstrate dedication to the craft” and “they have to be social and likable person”. Every profession requires smart and hard-working people, but architecture is different. Architecture requires, “sociable and likable” people and it is very hard to success without this skill. There are many different important details, that every good architect need, to have, but author explained one of the most important. The only thing that I would tell/ask author is to, show some examples how to be a sociable and likable person. He explains what you need to be an architect, but he does not explain what to do to achieve it. I will show you examples from what I learned: when costumer purchases Architectural service, architect must understand costumer’s wants and help them chose the best options for costumers and himself combined. Architect must be friendly, productive, helpful and kind. These are some examples of what to do to become a sociable and likable person, which Author does not explain.

In overall, this source was productive. It did remind me important skills that I need to be an architect. I already, had red many productive sources before reading this, so I had many information about the skills author explained in this source. It was not something new for me, but it was still very helpful and fun. I think this source will be very important and interesting for students that do not have information about this topic yet.