A reflection can be seen as one’s image like in a mirror or something that reflects back by body or surface of light heat, or by others. I feel like reflection is a big part of society on how people might see you. An example is: when you meet someone new, perhaps they don’t know that well, so you have to show the best side of yourself, look good or show them what type of person you might be. But that doesn’t mean you have to fake your personality so others like you, that you should be yourself and let people like you for who you are. This reflection is based on you and how you might perceive to show others the person you really are.  We might seek space for reflection from the people around us and the ones closest to our hearts. People see the different side of the actions you do and perceive differently than what you see might see. An example can be: when someone acts all big and tough but actually deep inside there is not that tough person they seem to show and that can be an example of a reflection because once you understand the whole thing you would see the person in a whole different way.