Something that I had to learn within my internship is time management. This came into play when we had deadlines due by the end of the day. We had to manage our time and check in with our supervisor with what we have done for the day. It was really tough working with deadlines while we had classes. Some of the projects required us to work overtime. This would included either working longer hours within one day or working an extra day out of the week, which was usually friday mornings.

The Brooklyn College Facts took a lot of weeks and dedication to complete. This project started in November and it still is not completed. I learned how to manage my time when the work for this project became intense. We had to work overtime twice on a friday to complete what we were doing that week for these pages. It affected the time I needed to complete my projects but this is something I had to learn to work around. I eventually got the hang of things and scheduled my work accordingly. This sharpened my time management skills although it was stressful, it made me feel like I am able to handle the amount of workload I had