About Me

Hello my name is Alicia Persaud and I am currently majoring in Communication Design at City Tech.  I was always involved in the field of technology from since high school which I attended Thomas A. Edison high school and studied computer repair. Although I loved being in a technological field, I realized computer repair was not for me and did not want to continue down that path. I fell in love with the idea of incorporating art and technology which is what graphic designing has to offer exactly. I am very much interested in learning all of the Adobe programs that will help me further in this field and help me bring my creative visions alive.

As a young girl I have always been in love with makeup and the idea of making others feel better about themselves. I am now a freelance makeup artist and  highly believe that makeup is a form of art and self expression, which is where my love for art has risen from. In the future I aspire to become an Advertising Art Director working for the company Young and Rubicam. This agency is  one of the most iconic global marketing communications companies in the world and would be considered a huge achievement if I am ever employed under them.