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Blog 16

One of our campaigns required all three interns to work together and create a design for the IE survey. The first thing we needed to do as a team was to think of tag lines that would best fit the slider. Isana put emphasis on using the word “time” within our taglines. After working together, we reported back to our supervisor and chose a tagline. We created drafts of our campaigns and soon collaborated to design one idea.

It took a total of 3 weeks to complete this project as we had to keep on making adjustments to perfectly match the tone and brand of Brooklyn College. After many ideas and meeting with Lisa Panazzolo, we decided to use the Brooklyn college bulldog mascot for these posts and collaborated as a team to finish the project.

Blog 15

Something that I had to learn within my internship is time management. This came into play when we had deadlines due by the end of the day. We had to manage our time and check in with our supervisor with what we have done for the day. It was really tough working with deadlines while we had classes. Some of the projects required us to work overtime. This would included either working longer hours within one day or working an extra day out of the week, which was usually friday mornings.

The Brooklyn College Facts took a lot of weeks and dedication to complete. This project started in November and it still is not completed. I learned how to manage my time when the work for this project became intense. We had to work overtime twice on a friday to complete what we were doing that week for these pages. It affected the time I needed to complete my projects but this is something I had to learn to work around. I eventually got the hang of things and scheduled my work accordingly. This sharpened my time management skills although it was stressful, it made me feel like I am able to handle the amount of workload I had

Blog 14

Someone from my internship that I would consider as a role model would be Isana, my supervisor. I really enjoyed having her as my supervisor as she made the workflow really easy. Our days started off with a Zoom call in regard to what we have done the previous week and what we will be doing during the new week. These meetings lasted 30 minutes and before ending it she always asked to check in with us for questions and concerns. She reminded us to take our lunch breaks and to check in with her for any questions. She always sent a follow up email with what was needed to be done that day which I really appreciated because I always missed something in the notes that I wrote down.

When work got intense and there was a lot to do Isana was always communicating with us until the project was over for the day. I looked up to her for this because she always understood that we had our classes to study for and would stay in touch until the project was over. On some days where they wanted us to work overtime Isana was really understanding and asked us about our own schedules before putting us down to work overtime.

Overall I look up to Isana due to her organization skills as well as her communications skills. Her replies were fast and she was always available to speak if an issue came about. She is an easy person to talk to and has influenced my positive outlook on every project due to her own positive outlook.

Blog 13

Throughout my internship I believe that my skills and my ability to work in a team have been valuable during this period. Our meetings on Mondays and Thursdays usually started with Isana texting us and telling us when to go on zoom. I tried my best to respond to her within a timely matter so that she knows I got the alert.  Writing down notes was essential throughout the internship because aside from the email that is sent to us with daily instructions, we needed to keep track of the small details and changes we needed to make.

Sending in our work at 2 pm was important for Isana to look over and make changes if necessary. Learning how to keep up with deadlines has played a big role in my internship. All of the campaigns we worked on had deadlines and I fulfilled my duty by getting them in on time. Another way I contributed to this internship was by keeping my work organized and sending the proper files that was needed for the day to Isana and the other interns. Work was due by 2 pm and we usually sent a packaged file of everything we have done for the day.

Overall I had a positive outlook on my internship and learned a lot. I sharpened my communication, design, and organization skills. I will be further practicing these skill for future jobs and opportunities.

Blog 12

A collaborative project that my team and I worked on would be the Brooklyn College Facts for the official handbook. Brooklyn College Facts is a handbook that contains information about the faculty, location and demographics of the students within the school. Min, Carmen and I were assigned different pages to design based on the excel sheet of data that was given to us by Isana. We had to consistently check in with each other to make sure we were matching all of our typefaces, sizes, logos, and brand colors. Our inspiration for the Brooklyn College Facts handbook comes from the Columbia University Handbook. We were inspired by the format and had to follow it for this project. I personally found this interesting because not only do we use inspiration in school but in real published projects as well. Being very specific on detail was important for this project as we had to have all of the updated data match accordingly to the research.

This project was definitely stressful as compared to the other projects because we had to check in with Isana constantly to update our numbers and to make sure everything was correct on the pages. Again we had to work as a team to make sure all of our pages were consistent with each other and the BC brand. This project was different from the other campaigns that we did because it was actually an infographic that contained real data that needed to be accurate. Since this is a official document for BC everything needed to be precise.

Blog 11- App review

An app that I would like to review is Baby Tracker, which was another app that I looked at for my senior project With this app you are able to track the last time you have fed and changed your baby. You can add options such as the amount of food they ate, time they slept, and when their next feed should be. This app gave me the idea to create a personal section for the parents on my own app. This section is called “baby feed” and it provided the options for parents to post pictures, reviews and advice on the baby food they have purchased from my brand. The parent is able to interact with other parents just like them and explore more baby food flavors.

Blog 10

An app that I would like to review would be Thrive Market. This app was used for inspo for my senior project. The mission of my senior project was to provide a baby food delivery system through an app. I created a brand that provided a customized baby food meal plan based on the preferred ethnic flavors chosen by the parent as well as texture. Different meal plans and subscriptions are also available. The app Thrive Market is a grocery delivery system. The homepage and sign in page were the key points of this app. I created my sign in page with the options to sign in with your email or connect with facebook, google, and apple just like this app. Thrive Market gives you the option to customize your profile so with this, I created a toggle page where you turn on and off your customized options. I took the idea of just clocking what you wanted from Thrive Market to using a toggle feature instead. Overall Thrive Market was very helpful and useful towards the inspiration of my senior project.

Thrive Market

my app

Blog 9

This week for class we had the opportunity to virtually visit The Nassau County Museum Exhibit Blue and also the Digital Museum at the Cooper Hewitt. The Nassau County Museum of Art has made it their mission to serve art and educate everyone of all ages and sizes. It’s beautiful permanent collections, sculpture park, historic property and natural setting make up the eye catching factors of this museum. The museum is 145v acres big and is owned by William Cullen Bryant. Their exhibition “Blue Period” serves all blue art pieces.

The first piece I was mesmerized by was the Venus sculpture by Yves Klein (French, Nice 1928–1962 Paris). It was mad in ca. 1961 and the medium used is painted plaster. The dimensions are 27 1/2 x 11 3/4 x 9 1/4 in. and it is classified as a sculpture. I really liked this piece because it’s sculpted as a natural body which I love because in today’s times a lot of women feel insecure about their natural body. It’s normal for women to get surgery and modify their bodies to look a specific way, when in fact natural bodies are admirable just like this sculpture.  The sculpture puts emphasis on the hips dips and natural curves of Blue Venus.

Yves Klein (1928-1962) | Vénus Bleue (S 41) (Blue Venus (S 41)) | 1960s,  Sculptures, Statues & Figures | Christie's

The Second piece that caught my attention was the Buddha mind by Bettina WitteVeen. It was mad in 2019 with C-print with gallery Plexiglass face mount on wood base and is 22 x 22 inches.  The artist is a devout Buddhist. I find it really cool that this piece is a reverse of the original gold piece and not initially blue. She incorporated the gold behind the piece to represent the symbolic solar gold of the rational, “day Mind” with the blue “Night Mind,” lunar and female. I was attracted to this piece because I am a spiritual person and I felt instantly calm while looking at it.


Blog 8

A webinar that I attended would be the “UX Portfolio Review Session” hosted by Jeff Humble. This webinar was going over main points of professional UX portfolios. Jeff’s main points were to create a consistent page with a flow that is connected to your logo and typefaces. He referred to inspiration such as apple, the top apps from the app store and mobile apps that you use regularly. He suggested that that people use interesting visuals that will draw the viewer to download the app. He also suggested to keep the projects short and straight to the point. This will help will drawing the viewer in and to continue reading your project. He went over the correct terms and names of processes that you should be including in your cases studies. This would include competitive analysis, empathy charts, personas, wireframes, and prototyping. He highlighted that everyone should wrap their project up with an ending overview of what you have learned from the project. This made me realize that I do not have a closing overview on my own projects on my portfolio which is something i have to update.


Blog 7a

The readings that I’ve been assigned reminded me how important following ethical guidelines are. Designing for a client requires commitment to deliver the vision they want. In order to successfully do this, the designer must ethically create these designs. This includes crediting another artist for getting inspiration from his or her work. Although plagiarism is strictly prohibited, adapting a style of work from another artist is not. Usually designers can not get around the copyright of photography unless it is a very old photo, their own photo or by just asking for permission to use the photo. In the past I have adapted styles from other artists and usually add my own twist that reflects my work as well. I  give credit to these artist when I am presenting my work to my classmates. Pinterest is an easy site that I use to gain inspo and create mood boards for projects. I look at classical designers as well as emerging contemporary designers as well. Some of these designers would include Paula Scher, Steven Heller, Bradbury Thompson, Alex Trochut and more.

Based on the Fairey Copyright Hope Poster case, I believe that the situation could have been avoided. If Fairey had accredited the original photographer properly he would have never been tried in court for this case. Instead he was fearful of the outcome and tampered with evidence which caused further destruction. Fairley’s intent was not to harm others but to simply spread the message of the new Presidential candidate which at the time was former President Obama. His ideas were original but the photograph was not his and was not accredited,  therefore I do believe consequences like paying a fine were necessary  but nothing else extreme.

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