This poster designed by Annik Troxler,  published by Jazz Festival Willisau, and printed by Sérigraphie Uldry AG caught my attention. Firstly I believe the colors work really good together due to the fact that blue and green are cool colors. Another interesting factor that caught my attention would be the fluidity of line work and how well it corresponds to the circles. The line work also creates an illusion. If you were to quickly glance at this poster you probably would not notice that the lines are actually letters and spell out “Intimities.” Troxler is well known for incorporating “fluid concoctions” of line, texture and color to portray jazz.


This is a Sidewall. It was manufactured by Flavor Paper. Its medium is screen printed and hand painted on chrome mylar, polyester diamond dust. What stood out to me most would be the color pink used to outline Marilyn Monroe’s face. In this Sidewall since the pink is composed of different hues and not just one, it highlights the silhouette of Monroe’s face, making it the focal point. Shortly after her death in 1962, Andy Warhol began Marilyn Monoprint where the paintings use reversed tonal values giving the illusion of looking at a photographic negative. I also find it very interesting that the diamond dust is composed of ground glass and was painted on top off.



Vitamin Suisse

This necklace really caught my attention being that I am into fashion and think this piece is very beautiful and would definitely make a statement. It looks as if this piece is made up of beads but it is actually composed of medical pill blister packages. The designer, Verena Sieber-Fuchs is known for using unusual materials in her work such as unexposed photographic film and chopped up newspaper. This necklace also has an unusual shape which reminds me of a lip. The silver tone and subtle pops of color makes this piece very attractive being that it doesn’t have too much going on and really expresses the saying “less is more.”