Someone from my internship that I would consider as a role model would be Isana, my supervisor. I really enjoyed having her as my supervisor as she made the workflow really easy. Our days started off with a Zoom call in regard to what we have done the previous week and what we will be doing during the new week. These meetings lasted 30 minutes and before ending it she always asked to check in with us for questions and concerns. She reminded us to take our lunch breaks and to check in with her for any questions. She always sent a follow up email with what was needed to be done that day which I really appreciated because I always missed something in the notes that I wrote down.

When work got intense and there was a lot to do Isana was always communicating with us until the project was over for the day. I looked up to her for this because she always understood that we had our classes to study for and would stay in touch until the project was over. On some days where they wanted us to work overtime Isana was really understanding and asked us about our own schedules before putting us down to work overtime.

Overall I look up to Isana due to her organization skills as well as her communications skills. Her replies were fast and she was always available to speak if an issue came about. She is an easy person to talk to and has influenced my positive outlook on every project due to her own positive outlook.