About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Angy Vasquez and I am a Communications Design major at New York City College of Technology. I changed my major two times before I found out that my true passion was a career in the creative field. Growing up I attended STEM schools and was discouraged by other students for wanting to pursue an artistic path for my future. I conditioned myself to think a science or math major will be best suited for me, when in actuality, I was the happiest when I brought my imaginations to life through design. When I started my Communication Design journey, I was excited everyday to learn, homework felt like fun instead of a chore, and my design skills were advancing. These were all new feelings I never felt before in regards to school, therefore indicating I have found my calling. I am looking forward to creating more projects, forming connections with other students for inspiration, and finding the concentration in my major I will excel most in.