Entry #8: Adobe Virtual Event

Adobe use these virtual events to showcase and promote their products to other businesses and clients using the internet and across mobile devices such as phones, tablets and computers to reach their customers.

Throughout the event Adobe experience cloud products such as Adobe campaign, real-time CDP, analytics and other products are used to better understand their customers and gather information to better place their products and services to the right customers needs and the various businesses needs. Using Adobe products ensures the experience is the same across all devices and similar to going to a store with the digital touch. The digital touch is the ability to personalize the whole shopping experience to their needs.

Whether it is products or services or planning a trip or working remotely from home or on the road the digital experience is similar and meets their specific needs.

On March 15th, Adobe had a digital conference event called Keynote: Make the Digital Economy Personal. The event talked and showed how using Adobe digital products to help other businesses reach their customers digitally and effectively. During the event, the people who spoke explained how COVID played a big part in why businesses such as themselves are transitioning to digital marketing since the switching to work from home has been required and in high demand. during the times we’re living in now which I have to agree with to a certain degree. Everybody who is currently working in the comfort of their homes need to make it much better place to get work done. Working from home remotely allows the workers to have more time for themselves to do whatever they have to do such as spending time with the kids, doing errands, and also doing side gigs if they have a side gig. Also at the event, certain individuals have participated. During the event participants like Ryan Reynolds, Nike, American Red Cross, and more shared their experiences dealing with their own business and customers using digital experience to economy deal with the changes.
In conclusion, even though I didn’t expect this event to talk about economics digitally rather than talking about improving the programs.  Since I am a user and a fan of Abode programs, I don’t mind the fact that we are talking about this topic especially in these times where everybody is following that trend of using the internet and the economics and value of digital experience to their customers.

Entry #7: Phone Banking

In every NYPIRG meeting, the interns were assigned to do phone banking. No, it’s not the phone banking where you manage your money through the phone. This was the phone banking that relates to the campaign. Phone banking in activist terms means campaigning to voters using the phone. The way phone banking works during the nypirg program was sending you a link with our City TECH email of all the students in campus names, their phone numbers, different colors highlighting the student’s names to indicate the interns who to call, and a script on what to say to the students based on whatever topic or campaign issue we’re trying to address about to the students.

During our first week assignment of phone banking, Jenna my supervisor assigned the interns to call campus students at City TECH about joining the NYPRIG program. I remembered doing it. It was nerve-wracking, awkward, and very time-consuming knowing that you have to spend a good 2-3 hours on the phone trying to convince 150 students to be part of the NYPIRG program. Also, getting used to the fact that students will not pick up the phone as well as hanging up the phone on you. Overtime after doing multiple phone banking on different issues, I was more comfortable, and more confident in making phone calls to students and government officials no matter how good or how bad the outcome is when it comes to persuading other individuals to support the cause. As long as I was able to do the assignment as well as getting the message across, that’s the only thing that matters.

Entry #6: Student Bus Rider Platform Sign-On Letter

Every Monday and every Thursday, NYPIRG interns have to go to meetings with our supervisor Jenna Bessette based on what are upcoming events that we should look forward to as well as our plans on working within that event. On March 28th, Jenna had a meeting with the interns about an NYPIRG campaign called “Student Bus Rider Platform”. Student Bus Rider Platform is about making changes in New York to address Mayor Adams when it comes to students having easy access to their nearest transportation within their communities to get to school and back home as well as making bus transportation affordable since bus fare is expensive. The changes are having more bus lanes that are near the people about 30 miles, permanently capping the OMNY system program which I agree with since I hate it myself, funding bus fare improvements, and much more. For the “Student Bus Rider Platform” campaign to be a success as well as get the message across to the mayor, the NYPIRG interns have to walk around campus with a sign-on letter sheet so that students could write in their information to show support for making change within the bus transit system.

After the meeting, I immediately got started with the task for students to sign the “Student Bus Rider Platform” petition sheet even though most of the students weren’t at school since the majority of the students have online courses thanks to COVID. After one week of explaining myself to the students on campus about the campaign as well as spending long hours trying to find signatures from the students to sign it, I was able to complete five pages of student signatures. Wow, that was intense.

Entry #5: Aftermath Valentine’s Day Society of Illustrators

On February 18, my friend and I went to the art museum of the Society of Illustrators to see an event that was taking place. The event that was held there was called “Valentine’s Day: The Aftermath” which started from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. hosted by Tommy José Stathes an early animation historian, archivist, and preservationist. This event is about showing old animated cartoons that have never been shown to the public from a vintage film projector displaying romance since February is known for the month of love. Shows like Otto Messmer, Felix the Cat, Max Fleischer, Koko the Clown, Betty Boop, Popeye, Ub Iwerks, Flip the Frog, etc. These shows were known for being entertaining, funny, and most of all overdramatic. Sadly, the audience was not allowed to use their cameras to record the event. The one thing that I like about the event is that the animation clips keep you engaged. What I mean by that is from the storytelling has a lot of substance in telling different forms of love and romance that we can all relate to well as how even to clip displayed a lot of animation sequences to express the emotions of the characters toward love as well as their lover or partner. Also at the event, they gave the audience beverages just to keep our mouths parch.

After the event, it made me realize how much I as well as everybody else across the globe who grew up around animation cartoons should appreciate it. Without the start of that foundation, it wouldn’t have evolved as well as paved the way for different forms of animations like 3D, stop motion, motion graphics, etc.

Entry #4:Thirteen Ways of Looking.. Event

On February 24th, I went to an online event called “Visiting Lecture l Stella Betts: Thirteen Ways of Looking…” hosted by David Leven and Stella Beth herself. This event is based on the book called “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a House” which talks about many ways of constructing the house as well as breaking down the meaning of why having those structures or those foundations of building a house it’s important to have. Not only for houses but just in the world of architecture in general. They also talked about building places with architectural elements within different states. For example, they are building two public libraries in the Brooklyn area. As they were present-day diagrams on what they were going to look like as well as the materials they were using and what each material used functionality is and their purpose. Even though the architecture is not something I want to do as a career path, the similarities between architectures and graphic designers are that they both plan out ideas of what they want to construct and present to the public with reason and meaning behind it. Another comparison is that they both use 100% of their creativity to accomplish their objective. After the event, it made me realize that I must always have a game plan before I create any project for myself, client, or company.

Entry #3:(Chapter Meetings)

As a member of the NYPIRG, every intern must do a chapter meeting. Whether it is in person or virtual. For my first chapter meeting, I decided to go there in person to see what everybody looks like as well as hear what the program has to provide for us interns in person. Anyway, what is the chapter meeting may ask? So basically, it’s a club meeting where all the interns and the supervisor talk about work-related stuff such as events and upcoming projects to work on. For my first meeting, we introduce ourselves to each other and gave us insight into what type of project will be working on for this semester. This includes healthcare, Greenlight eco-buildings, and affordable transportation. As of right now, our first assignment is to bring in more people to the NYPIRG program. Even though I am not big on communicating with people, I hope that my communication skills are good enough to persuade them to join.

Entry #2

Since I’m now a member of being part of the NYPIRG internship program, my role is being a graphic designer to whatever subject the company wants me to work on. So how did I get into this program you may ask? Well, let’s just say that the process was very long as well as very irritated for me. So the first thing I did was sent out my resume as well as some of the projects that I worked on to one of the workers named Jenna Bessette. The work was a mixture of posters, videos, merchandise, etc. Later on, I got an email from Jenna letting me know when do I want to start my interview and I told her next week Monday at 1 pm. It’s Monday now and I have my interview on the phone with Jenna for 15-20 minutes informing me about what the program is about, what are my strengths and weaknesses as a graphic designer, and what can I bring to the table could be beneficial to NYPIRG. From there, I had to sign a contract based on confidential agreement terms and from there I became an official member of NYPIRG. As of right now, I haven’t started any work from them as well as having our first orientation in person which we won’t have until Monday, February 28th. Overall, I am ready and excited to make great work for NYPIRG.

Entry #1

Internships to me are one of the most difficult positions to get into even though most internships are non-paid. Luckily, being part of the internship class at my college, I have access to apply to internship programs recommended by my professor. So the program that I apply to as well as now an official member of the internship program is called NYPIRG. NYPIRG which stands for New York Public Interest Research Group is located on 300 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY aka New York City of Technology is a nonprofit political organization that encounters New York City problems from political issues. Some political issues that they focus on will be voting rights, energy and environment, government accountability, Public Health, consumer protection, higher education affordability, and NYC mass transit. NYPIRG was founded in 1976 as an independent public outreach and education sister organization and later turned to what we know now. The owner behind NYPIRG is Donald K. Ross. He was a public interest lawyer that opposed the idea of making PIRG based on a book he wrote called Action for Change and later was made the first director of NYPIRG. As a result, Donald K. Ross made the company the largest state-based research and advocacy organization in the nation. Later on, it was passed down to current executive director Blair Horner.