Entry #16: App Review (TED App)

TED app is a free official application of nonprofit video-driven organization knows as TED Talks. Using the application allows users to browse and explore over 1600 of talks from around the world. May topics also included speeches from various areas including technology, Science, entertainment, design, sociology and many more areas. They also included talks from various peoples including educational radicals, medical mavericks, business gurus, educational radicals, tech geniuses and music legends gathered from TED events around the world. These talks had over 100 subtitle languages.

Since my phone isn’t compatible to install the Sol LeWitt app, I was able to install the TED app. The tap which is available for both iPhone and Android phones is a tool program for browsing, downloading, and viewing TED talks. These TED talks, provide users with thousands of inspirational speeches. The topic of speeches ranges from sociology, technology, entertainment, science, design, and many more.

As I was exploring the app for myself to get a feel of it, I noticed a few things. The first thing that will show as you open the app is asking you two questions. The first question is about the type of topics you are interested in and what are you looking for based on your interest. What I like about this feature is how the program provides customer service and makes sure that the user can get whatever they need happens. As you arrived at the main home page, you are provided with different varieties of videos based on any topic. Also, the videos run time is around 18 mins and less. And a big plus is that the app provides new videos that are going on in the world as the war in Ukraine and has accessibility features such as subtitles that are impressively extensive and, for some talks, available in more than 50 languages.

Overall, I enjoyed this app a lot. From the designs being simplistic and easy to use for all users as well as being very resourceful for individuals who lives in different areas of the world, Korea, India, Mexico, Africa, etc. I would recommend to the people to try the app themselves just to understand how great of an app this is.