Final Version Quotes


For the final version, I have to make it on Adobe Illustrator. But, I decided to change the Joker quote with another Joker quote. “They laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at them because they’re all different”. For the first design, I kept it simple and straight to the point. Black background with a white typeface. Also, I increased the stroke level on the word different to make it bold.

Quote #1.pdf

For the second quote, I added multiple circles in the background. One big red circle represents the person that is different. Also, the word different is the color red. The rest of the black circles represent everybody being the same.

Quote #2.pdf


For the final quote, I decided to pay homage to the person who created the quote which is the Joker. The green background represents his hair. The laughing smile represents the iconic smile. Finally, the purple for the word different means the color of his suit.

Quote #3.pdf