The first quote that I used is from a human rights activist Malcolm X. Malcolm X quote is “If you don’t stand for something, you we’ll fall for anything”.  In order to sketch this quote, I replace the key words like stand and fall with a stick figure in order to represent the word.


The second sketch is for the Malcolm X quote is to create the black power fist with the first part of the quote. “If you don’t stand for something”. The very last part of the quote, “you will fall for anything” is placed at the bottom of the fist.


For my third sketch, I decided to change my quote because of the lack of creativity for the Malcolm X quote design. The quote I used for my replacement is from the Joker from The Dark Knight movie. “Madness as you know is like gravity all it needs a little push”. What I did for this design is to create a half drawn angry face as the background and place the quote on the far right.


The fourth design for the Joker quote is basically express the key words like madness, gravity, and push. For the word madness, I made the word look like it was going insane. For gravity, I made the word float off the line in order to feel weightless. And for the word push, I capitalized the word but also shift it to the left to give it that effect.

The fifth design of the quote is to draw a killer with a smile and a knife in order to represent the quote.