About Me

Hi, my name is Adrian McCurchin. I am a student at New York City of Technology working on my career. A little because ground on me. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I used to play many sports such as swimming, basketball, and soccer. Since I stop playing sports for a while, my love for sports didn’t died out but, I wasn’t as active like I used to. Instead , I focus on drawing.

Growing up, I used to draw cartoon characters as a hobby after school or in the state of boredom. From drawing Spongebob to Iron Man. At the age of eight, it was a life changer. My dad took my sister and I to see the first Transformers movie back in to 2007. Never became a fan of Transformers until that day. Also, I started to appreciate art worldwide. After being amazed by the visual details of the robots, it became loud and clear to me that I wanted to pursue my career as a graphic designer but also a concept artist.