Entry #17: Voting Registration

For this week NYPIRG meeting, we discussed registering to vote. This was one of the issues that NYPRIG has been tackling since the beginning of the semester. The reason was the majority of the students at the campus are not registered because of their viewpoints on the government system as well as who is running the campaign or just don’t have an interest in voting in general. So, NYPIRG decided to throw an open table event to all colleges so students could sign up to vote and also sign up in being part of the NYPIRG program. Friday, May 6th was our City TECH voting registration event on the ground floor in the Namm building that went from 11 am – to 3 pm.

During the voter’s registration event, one of the biggest challenges was getting students to sign up to vote since there weren’t as many students in the building and most of the students have online classes which made it a lot harder to collect a handful of signed sheets. Luckily, we were able to get a decent amount of sign sheets by walking around the school, approaching students about signing up to vote, and persuading them why it is important to vote and register to vote. After the voter registration event, the one thing that I learned from this event was you have to apply pressure to get the mission done.