Group Poster Presentation

PSY3405: Group Project Description

DUE  December 7th, 2015

For the group project, you will be put in groups based upon the illness category chosen for your individual project.  In groups, you will identify the key findings associated with each article on related illnesses.  While considering the conclusions drawn from you individual critique, as a group you will refer to your a primary sources (from individual project) to support an overview of the topic.  In groups of three-six students, you will communicate the conclusions around the illness category  in the form of an electronic poster (i.e., that will be presented at the end of the semester.

Specifically, you will construct a poster that presents your group’s findings on the topic, a synthesis of information gathered and the conclusion of your group’s critical thinking about racial minorities in response to the topic.

There are TWO components to this assignment:

  • Group poster presentation (90 pts)
  • Self-assessment/budget (10 pts)

You can access the Self-Assessment Tool for Printing HERE
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One thought on “Group Poster Presentation

  1. This was a really great opportunity to work and learn from each other. Team work is not always easy. There was a push to get the job done in one week. But we did it. It is always a challenge but everyone does have their own opinion and view of how things should be done. This could be positive or negative. In our team it was positive.

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