LiveWell: Behavior Change Program for Students

How to participate

  • You will get class credit for participating in liveWell. Participation entails:
    • Completing an interactive session 3 times during the semester
    • One you complete the first section YOU MUST WAIT 3 Weeks UNTIL COMPLETING NEXT SECTION! (Be certain to start on time!)
    • Completing 9 activities from the personalized, interactive homepage the program will create for you
    • Image Presentation of LiveWell Assignment

You can access the liveWell program here:

Access code: found on registration card (handed out by professor)

Class code: citytechD919

 Your first session

  • The first time you use the liveWell program, you will need to register as a new user before you can log in
  • Click on ‘create a new account’ to register
  • You will need to provide:
    • First and last name
    • Email address (this will be your login name, and will be used to remind you when it is time to come back)
    • A password that you will be able to remember

 How to get credit

  • Simply complete your liveWell sessions by the following dates:
    • 1st session: completed by October 14th, 2015
    • 2nd session: completed by November 11th, 2015
    • 3rd session: completed by December 2nd, 2015
    • 9 activities on the personalized home page completed by 12/2/2015
    • Image Presentation of LiveWell Assignment 12/2/2015
      • Throughout the course of the semester, your task is to capture THREE IMAGES (one for each behavior change) that represent your modification program experience. Compile all three images onto ONE powerpoint slide for you presentation to the class.

 AND your instructor requires you to print and hand in a Completion Certificate

  • After each computer session, you will find a completion certificate on your homepage to print out and hand in to your instructor by the due dates.
  • Complete your liveWell sessions and submit your in class certificates by the following dates:
    • 1st session certificate: October 12th, 2015
    • 2nd session certificate: November 11th, 2015
    • 3rd session certificate: December 2nd, 2015
    • Each certificate will reflect how many activities you’ve completed on the personalized home page. You’ll need to complete 9 activities by 12/2/2015

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