I’m Positive

I’m Positive Paper Instructions and Rubric

DOWNLOAD THE GAME ON TO YOUR COMPUTER BELOW (using either the windows, mac, or linux version based on your computer)

If using a City Tech computer, please see library technician for assistance downloading.




Downloading tips: Once you’ve downloaded the .zip file, select the Impositive.exe file and choose “extract all”.  From there, a second folder will emerge, from which you can open the application (by clicking the now extracted Impositive.exe file)  Be sure to attempt to download this program so you can complete the assignment! I will be sure to share these instructions with you in class Thursday for those needing assistance.

Please download and run the application.  To complete should be approx. 25 minutes.  You will be expected to generate a reflection based on your experience with the game.  You are encouraged to share your immediate reactions below.

The PAPER is DUE WEDNESDAY, October 21st, 2015!

I’m Positive Paper Instructions and Rubric

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3 thoughts on “I’m Positive

  1. At first, I thought I’m Positive was about a positive attitude towards health until I played the game. Its about being positive for HIV. I enjoying learning more about HIV. I have less fear about the disease itself now. It is a great way to learn about a disease in the privacy of your home.

  2. I am positive is a great game that should be made available for middle, high schools and even college students to teach them not only all about HIV and AIDS, but also about the misconceptions people tend to have toward the disease. The way a positive HIV person thinks about the disease has a lot of impact on the progression of HIV. The more a person with HIV behaves positively toward the disease, the better the health outcomes.

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