5 thoughts on “Week One

  1. I Agree with all the rules.
    Additional rules
    1.Hand should be raised before asking questions
    2.Help classmate when they need help
    3.Do NOT Judge on others

  2. The rules/policies here are pretty straightforward to me. The only thing is that I hope we can all keep an open-mind and remember that while it may be someone’s opinions that are expressed, that no one takes anything too personally. Although it is understandable, how some opinions can spark a huge “discussion”. Hope you can be there to cut in and calm us down (no one’s perfect) and try to move us through the discussions.

  3. 6. The goal is not to agree — it is to gain a deeper understanding.
    I like this policy. I strongly believe that all people should try to practice this. No one has to agree or disagree but try to understand why, how and what people do. What is the reason for it. How did I come to this. There is no need for I to be right all the time. You do not have to agree but just listen and try to understand. Why do people have to be right all the time?

  4. We should not look down on anyone for their comments or questions in class. Far too often people are afraid to speak up and say something because they worry about what others will think.

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