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Authors Franck, Huang, Heeswijk, and Golan discuss their perspectives on how the use of space is negotiated and adaptive, based on the surrounding area and the people. Franck and Huang discuss the use of Zuccotti Park as a negotiated space in the reading “Occupying Public Spaces, 2011.” Zuccotti park describes the concept of negotiation because there were regulations and restrictions that were enforced. This was due to the protestors and drummers that were causing disruption to the neighborhood. Urban space is not only the relationship between form and function but the negotiation that occurs between the people and space. Golan discusses that “Physical spaces tell stories. Every place inhabited by human beings is infused with narrative” in the article “The Office to the People.” The use of space in generally any public area such as parks is developed by the people who occupy it on a daily basis. Heeswijk’s idea of negotiated spaces is that society takes responsibility for the places they occupy, which ultimately reflects one’s engagements to their surroundings. Space and people occupying the space simultaneously relate to each other in a way that impacts both the environment and citizens.