On my last week I thought I was going to be not doing much, but just like the first week here at whole whale they’ve got something for me to do. I’m glad about that because I won’t be bored.

On Monday my first assignment was to create a blog graphic on 101 best podcasts for nonprofits .


101 Best podcast for nonprofits

Later that day I sat down with Ann for a bit and we reviewed my resume and my portfolio progress. She gave me a few tips on what i should change or how I should word certain things in my resume. She also sent me some examples on Portfolios so I could have a better idea on how to layout my work and get the most out of an interview. I wrote all of the tips she gave me on how I should set up my resume and portfolio.

On Thursday I also had a few things to do one of was creating an email promotional ad for the new Online social media course. The trick to doing this kind of ad, is that email promo ads are really Small. So contrast and hierarchy of information are very important.

But before i could finish it Ann had another task that was more important to do. George Weiner had made a presentation deck for a talk he’s going to do later that day.  Ann just wanted me to go through the entire presentation and make sure it was according to brand guidelines. I could tell that George had just typed the information in and not really paid any mind to the brand guidelines. It took me about 45 mins to make sure the logo, colors, font size and page layout was consistent.

Before I left I spoke to Ann about being able to come back through the summer and shadowing her on the new website redesign. I thought at first she would tell me no because there was no room for me, or some other reason. But she actually said yes that she would be a great idea because they are about to start on it and work all thru the summer on it.  I was really happy to hear that because I feel like there is still so much more i wanted to learn from them.

I am always going to thankful for this amazing internship. I’ve learned and done so much at Whole Whale, I honestly hope with this experience I can be a bit more valuable wherever I end up. It’s a little sad leaving them but I hope that wherever I end up next I could have another experience like this one.

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