The childhood








This is my personal best. The reason is because of the lighting. it gives it this deep dark feeling. A feeling of sadness, loneliness unwanted. The light is coming from the top. There is a soft shadow. I like the contrast it has between the light yellow duck and how much the light can effect the image so fast the mood.

About Jessica

I look for a different challenge every day. To me, everything I see is full of wonder. Visual is the reason why I am who I am; it brings everything to life and it’s the reason why art is so valuable in today’s society. I am experienced with Layout Design, Interactive, Photography, and Packaging Design. With these categories, I tend to evoke publication to life, with color-intention and typography to make the work appealing. I believe in simplicity and clean design that gets the message across. I have a great love for magazines, books, photography and environmental issues.
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  1. rmichals says:

    This is a good example of a low key image.

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