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I look for a different challenge every day. To me, everything I see is full of wonder. Visual is the reason why I am who I am; it brings everything to life and it’s the reason why art is so valuable in today’s society. I am experienced with Layout Design, Interactive, Photography, and Packaging Design. With these categories, I tend to evoke publication to life, with color-intention and typography to make the work appealing. I believe in simplicity and clean design that gets the message across. I have a great love for magazines, books, photography and environmental issues.

Multiple Exposure

This is my first time using multiple Exposure and it has been such a a great experience and very fun. The reason that this is my personal best is because of the mood that this image gives out.  Its very … Continue reading

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Water Glass

My personal best from our group has to be this one. The reason is because of how the shutter ad flashed caught this moment, making the water look like its going across each other, and inside the each others glass, … Continue reading

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I say this is my personal best. The reason for this, is because of the angel this picture was shoot. it was a Birds eye view a making this pineapple very interesting. Its very blurry not sharp on the top … Continue reading

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The childhood

            This is my personal best. The reason is because of the lighting. it gives it this deep dark feeling. A feeling of sadness, loneliness unwanted. The light is coming from the top. There is … Continue reading

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The Egg

On the left is what i believe is my groups personal best. I decided to go with this image, because of how the reflection of the egg and the garlic was so clear. It was very interesting to see how … Continue reading

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Visiting many galleries on tuesday was a very great experience to me. I didn’t know that there was such galleries that are free to the public to look at so this was very good to know. I learn that  many photographers … Continue reading

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Mini Studio

When making this home mini studio as i call it, a lot went thur my mind, questions like, where will i put it? Do i have enough space? Will i be able to pull it off? After going thru many … Continue reading

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The massacre

This photograph is very natural. The expression she used to make this pose was what she would do everyday making this a part of her.Like a beauty photo and yet funny and goofy ! There is a soft light on … Continue reading

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LL 2

This is personality my favorite photo of the day. The reasons is because of how you can clearly see the blurry and the way it directs your eye to the very sharp focus of the image. I enjoy patterns and … Continue reading

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HW 1 -Honda

For this campaign, i choose the photographer Client Clemens, rather then the other two because what Client Clemens has to offer that the others don’t is a sense that you can go anywhere no matter the distance and feel good … Continue reading

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