Internship Journal #9 Taking Initiative

With no disrespect to photographers, but it doesn’t matter how good the master shot is every photo must eventually go through editing in post.

It’s all started when the Saint Kenneth site launched and I browsed through the photo collections that I noticed something. That somebody the photos we had put up on the site were too washed out. Maybe it was was from the scanner but the colors weren’t as vibrant as the originals. I brought up my concerns about it, not by actually saying anything but by taking a screencap of the image from the site and modifying it myself.

After showing the result to my boss he agreed that the photos were not as good as they thought. He even commented that my modified images were even better that the originals, but I had to stress that I was only putting the color that was washed out from the camera flash.  That is if the camera made the model too pale I had to put the color back on her skin. So he had Dan send all the images to me and I corrected them and now they’re on the site. And I can finally rest easy knowing that sub-optimal work won’t be displayed on the site.

Here’s an example on the left of how the camera can wash out the colors and on the right is an example of putting the pink back into the sky.

Internship Journal #8 New Skills

A Brief introduction on Fashion Illustration.

So one day my supervisor comes up to me and asks me if I knew anything about doing technical fashion illustration. I say no but that I can give it a shot, i usually pick up things quickly if its explained to me straight forwardly. I get the assignment with some direction when it comes to technical illustration, I’d say the illustration part is easy but the technical part is not as easy. Having to figure out the exact measurements for, hypothetically speaking a shirt pattern, was also part of the assignment. The point of technical illustrations is to convey information in the most accurate and objective way possible. So in a way its a welcome break from having to constantly create ideas from scratch.

due to the particular item being an unreleased design, here is the office turtle Flash

From what my supervisor told me, I did a decent job, this particular assignment was meant for the factories to see exactly what the the design is supposed to look like. So while I’m not an expert at technical illustration I can definitely say that I wouldn’t mind doing it again.


Internship Journal #7 Work Culture

The company is new and quite small. the space is open and quite cozy. Most days coffee has already been prepared and after a quick cup everyone is ready to start the day. The office is filled with many amenities that the Director made very clear I was free to use whenever the mood struck me.

my workspace

The first few days I was encouraged to get myself acclimated to the office. Although I was pretty eager to get to work, time spent not working is time being wasted. That’s something I tell myself when I feel my productivity starts slipping. So I spent some time setting up the computers and bringing myself up to speed on what was expected of me.

Overall looking forward to what kind of assignments they’ll give me. I even brought in my Cintiq because that’s how I work best in my illustrative workflow.

Internship Journal#6: My Role

Saint Kenneth is high end fashion design company and while my work doesn’t have much to do with fashion at the moment I am not at liberty to disclose the nature of the projects I am involved in.

I found this Internship on it was the only Illustration internship that didn’t explicitly involve fashion. I included my Portfolio site, and a link to Senior Project a comic I created called The Wayward Blues. About a few days later a received an email for an interview and the next week I went in for an interview The interview was very relaxed and more casual than I expected.

Supervisor was particularly taken with this piece

My Supervisor Kenneth Lee asked me to describe my artistic style and i responded honestly by explaining that i haven’t yet grown into my style. He appreciated my honest self assessment. We talked about the future of the company and how I will be contributing to it. After reviewing my comic he explained that he could see how passionate I was about my work and how prolific I was. He wanted to work with talented and passionate people and offered me the position and I took it right away. He gave me a tour of the office, which was very small. The work environment was very relaxed and I could see myself doing good work there.


Internship Journal #5: Saint Kenneth

Saint Kenneth is the place I ended up interning, a high end fashion startup. As a startup there is very little about them so far but they have big plans for the company’s future. Their focus is on high end fashion, but they also do some non profit work for animal welfare. I work as an illustration intern, there is another illustrator but i haven’t met them yet. Their main headquarters is in France, but they also have another location in Queens where I will be working. The staff is very small, I was told it was at most 10 people, but I have only met three of them so far. Everyone is close with one another, possibly due to the small size of the company.

two very important team members

Internship Journal #4: The Interview

First interview of the week was for Saint Kenneth. I’d say it went pretty smoothly they were very excited about my work. They seemed very passionate about what they do and I can get behind that mentality. Since they made it very clear that they wanted me to use for Illustration I was very excited to work there. There aren’t many places that ask for illustrators so I’d be remiss to not take it. So I immediately jumped the gun and and accepted the first moment I could. As of Monday Oct. 2nd I am doing a Illustration Internship at Saint Kenneth.

now i just have to cancel all the other interviews i scheduled



Internship Journal #3: Hearing Back

After a drought from hearing back from prospective internships most of the internships I applied for on started getting back to me. In one day I had two phone interviews. Both places stood out to me as places I could see myself working in. Unfortunately I was sick that day but in a way I preferred the phone interviews over an in person interview while in that condition. The first one was for the Brooklyn center for the Arts, for graphic design. It went well enough that they wanted me to go to an in person interview. Second was for EBY, which was far more involved than I was  prepared for. Though I did my research on the company I ended up flubbing when they asked me if I knew what the company did. They said they’d call back if they were interested in moving forward, since the Brooklyn Center gave me an in person interview right away I’m going to assume that I didn’t impress EBY.

“they wouldn’t ask me this” i said to myself. they asked me that.

I also managed to get two other in person interviews for the next week. Time to break out the old interview blazer.

hoping for a future job where i dont have to wear this everyday


Internship Journal #2:

Through Linkedin I found that many of the internships I was clinking on were bringing me to . So I took the day to create an account and found the sites resume section to be very intuitive. after uploading my resume most of the information transferred over to the system fairly accurately. it made the process much faster.

Interface is easy to use and makes applying simple, would recommend to other students

Signed up to many internships through here as possible. Particularly interested in some design and photography ones. Found one for Illustration and I attached my illustration site on the cover letter section.

Internship Journal #1: Applying to Internships

It’s not until i started applying to many internships at once that I realized how many different ways I needed to have my portfolio in order. I already had a temp website ready for viewing but in some applications I wasn’t able to link to it. So i had to prepare a PDF of my best work.

the portfolios I prepared

One internship of not that I began applying to is the Mattel Graphic Design- Brand Creative Internship. Since they asked that applicants have good drawing ability I felt i was a good fit for it. this was one such internship where I had to upload my work as a PDF. Unfortunately due to some problems with the website I have been unable to upload my portfolio, this has been going on for a few days by now. Finally realized my PDF exceeded the size limit, had to remove a few pieces that would suffer under compression. managed to submit my application. Here’s hoping for a positive outcome.

On another note another Internship I applied for recently got back to me. I was introduced to it through friends, its for the New York Post. They expressed a great deal of interest in my work and want to have me as an intern. Though they’d have to talk it over with their boss to see if they’ll move forward. Crossing my fingers there.