Internship Journal#6: My Role

Saint Kenneth is high end fashion design company and while my work doesn’t have much to do with fashion at the moment I am not at liberty to disclose the nature of the projects I am involved in.

I found this Internship on it was the only Illustration internship that didn’t explicitly involve fashion. I included my Portfolio site, and a link to Senior Project a comic I created called The Wayward Blues. About a few days later a received an email for an interview and the next week I went in for an interview The interview was very relaxed and more casual than I expected.

Supervisor was particularly taken with this piece

My Supervisor Kenneth Lee asked me to describe my artistic style and i responded honestly by explaining that i haven’t yet grown into my style. He appreciated my honest self assessment. We talked about the future of the company and how I will be contributing to it. After reviewing my comic he explained that he could see how passionate I was about my work and how prolific I was. He wanted to work with talented and passionate people and offered me the position and I took it right away. He gave me a tour of the office, which was very small. The work environment was very relaxed and I could see myself doing good work there.