Internship Journal #8 New Skills

A Brief introduction on Fashion Illustration.

So one day my supervisor comes up to me and asks me if I knew anything about doing technical fashion illustration. I say no but that I can give it a shot, i usually pick up things quickly if its explained to me straight forwardly. I get the assignment with some direction when it comes to technical illustration, I’d say the illustration part is easy but the technical part is not as easy. Having to figure out the exact measurements for, hypothetically speaking a shirt pattern, was also part of the assignment. The point of technical illustrations is to convey information in the most accurate and objective way possible. So in a way its a welcome break from having to constantly create ideas from scratch.

due to the particular item being an unreleased design, here is the office turtle Flash

From what my supervisor told me, I did a decent job, this particular assignment was meant for the factories to see exactly what the the design is supposed to look like. So while I’m not an expert at technical illustration I can definitely say that I wouldn’t mind doing it again.