#1 Applying to Interships

It’s not until i started applying to many internships at once that I realized how many different ways I needed to have my portfolio in order. I already had a temp website ready for viewing but in some applications I wasn’t able to link to it. So i had to prepare a PDF of my best work.

the portfolios i prepared


One internship of not that I began applying to is the Mattel Graphic Design- Brand Creative Internship. Since they asked that applicants have good drawing ability I felt i was a good fit for it. this was one such internship where I had to upload my work as a PDF. Unfortunately due to some problems with the website I have been unable to upload my portfolio, this has been going on for a few days by now. Finally realized my PDF exceeded the size limit, had to remove a few pieces that would suffer under compression. managed to submit my application. Here’s hoping for a positive outcome.

On another note another Internship I applied for recently got back to me. I was introduced to it through friends, its for the New York Post. They expressed a great deal of interest in my work and want to have me as an intern. Though they’d have to talk it over with their boss to see if they’ll move forward. Crossing my fingers there.