#3 Hearing Back

After a drought from hearing back from prospective internships most of the internships I applied for on Internships.com started getting back to me. In one day I had two phone interviews. Both places stood out to me as places I could see myself working in. Unfortunately I was sick that day but in a way I preferred the phone interviews over an in person interview while in that condition. The first one was for the Brooklyn center for the Arts, for graphic design. It went well enough that they wanted me to go to an in person interview. Second was for EBY, which was far more involved than I was  prepared for. Though I did my research on the company I ended up flubbing when they asked me if I knew what the company did. They said they’d call back if they were interested in moving forward, since the Brooklyn Center gave me an in person interview right away I’m going to assume that I didn’t impress EBY.

“they wouldn’t ask me this” i said to myself. they asked me that.

I also managed to get two other in person interviews for the next week. Time to break out the old interview blazer.

hoping for a future job where i dont have to wear this everyday